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  1. so. Memes aren't allowed here? didn't see THAT. in the rules, but whatever. Putting alittle fun in a post is not bad other than the rage of disrespect people have against people. my point was, let me quote myself again, because no one seemed to understand: IF YOU HAVE A F**KING PROBLEM WITH SOMETHING IN THE MOD, DON'T USE IT! DELETE IT! TO CLARIFY: This meant, so if you don't like morphs delete them. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT ON A SERVER, JUST ASK FOR IT TO BE BANNED DUE TO UNFAIR ADVANTAGES! TO CLARIFY: /helpop And i got a 3 point warning with a package skittles. wat. Is it that i swor
  2. That seems to be the only argument in this thread. And im suprised admins and some normal members are getting mad by some words the people are using Someone said "this post gave me cancer" HOLY CRAP THATS SO MEAN, LETS GET OFF-TOPIC AND TALK ABOUT HOW MEAN THAT WAS stay on topic. jeez. FpsFurry has a great point, but i don't see this as boring. I mean, IF IT'S SUCH A BIG DEAL DON'T FUCKING USE THE BAT MORPH don't want it in a server BAN IT! Theres simple solution to problems like this. but all i see in this thread are admins raging and normal people flaming one person. Jeez. @Brigadon. S
  3. *Who are you? I am BlastRed *Where are you from? America, New York *How old are you? 17 *Why do you want to play on our server? To have fun, why else? *What do you think you can offer our server? Whatever it wants. seriously. *Who was your favorite power ranger? The Red One
  4. That. is. True. I got to play twice until i crashed while playing when i disconnected i can't start it up anymore, i think it's just not initializing right... i re-downloaded and everything, no LUK help!
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