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  1. I would be down for that my ign is theeraser24 im not an aussie lol but i am a youtuber (very small) channel is TheChipTuner
  2. IRL name: Nick Harper In Game Name: theeraser24 Skype name: Nick Harp3r Or theeraser24 idk which one lol Age:15 How experienced are u with the mod pack: 8 What do you want to do on the server: Record and have fun! Why you should join the server: I am a good builder i would say and i would like a good community to work in Will you be recording and if so what is your channel?: TheChipTuner
  3. IGN: theeraser24 Age: 18 Why i want to join: I need a small mature server with fun people, I hate single player, and i would like to record on the server please take me into consideration!
  4. Hey can i join plz my name is theeraser24 IGN in minecraft and my skype name is Nick Harp3r and if that doesnt work try theeraser24
  5. IGN: theeraser24 Age:15 Skype: It theeraser24 or TheChipTuner try theeraser24 first Why?: because i want to be on a server with good people and help out the community. Planning on doing a youtube series on here like Tankhobo so i would be perfect
  6. i cant even get my server to work it just doesnt load the modpack into the server
  7. IGN: theeraser24 Where am i from: Minnesota USA Why are you applying: Because im sick of servers with 100000 slots and they are all trolls i just want to be in a fun community with awesome people. How long have you used the mod pack: used it from the day it came-out How old are you: i am currently 14 How long will i be on the server: most of the day i will have homework someday and if its ok with the admins i would like to do some recording on your server. Thanks For Your Time! Hope To See You On The Server!
  8. Hello and in the words of Generik " I wanna do some flim flamin on your server" 1. Name Nick 2. IGN theeraser24 3. Age 14 4. Skype Nick Harp3r 5. Have you been banned on a server no 6. Location Minnesota (not comfortable saying where) 7. Nationally merica (american) 8.How long a day do you plan to play on the server: 2-5 hours 9.Why do you want to be on this server: So i can do some flim flamin and have a good time on the server with you guys 10. Hobbies Umm... does video games count? 11. Any Questions? na not really
  9. In the words of generikb "i wanna do some flim flamin on your server see! 1. Age 14 2. Contact at [email protected] 3. I would play everyday and record on the server if thats ok with you guys and gals 4. Male 5. Wouldn't complain because i am not that kind of guy
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