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  1. Minecraft Name: zerk187 Skype Name: zerk187 Age: 25 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 9 Favorite Mod: I really love witchery but I probably use minefactory reloaded and thermal expansion the most. Do you plan to record? Nope What do you like to do in Minecraft? I like redstoning and setting up machines. Why do you want to be in this server? I've been on 2 attack of the bteam servers already which were great, but were taken down. I really want to find a small community of people to play with. What else should we know about you? I love working on projects with other people, so if you need help with a machine or a build I'm your guy!
  2. Minecraft Username: zerk187 Age: 25 Are you a YouTuber? Nope Are you willing to donate? (doesn't effect your chances, just curious) Yes if I really enjoy the server How much experience do you have with this mod pack? I've been on 2 servers so far and have played the mod pack quite a bit. I'd say I'm about a 9/10 in terms of familiarity with the mods. What type of player are you? (Builder, Redstoner, Explorer) I'm mostly a redstoner, but if I'm inspired to build something then I'll do that. Dolphins or Dinosaurs? Dolphins
  3. In Game Name: zerk187 Age: 25 Location (the server is hosted in Houston, TX): Massachusetts Have much experience with ATBT or its mods? I've been on 3 servers so far, 2 of them were shut down before I stopped playing and the 3rd was just way too laggy. At this point I'd say I'm about a 9/10 in terms of knowledge of the modpack. How often do you expect to play? (don't play it up, just so we know): probably about an hour or 2 a day but more on the weekend.
  4. Minecraft Name: zerk187 Skype Name (required-Lady Z wants to speak with each applicant to ensure they understand the server rules): zerk187 Age: 25 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): With the exception of a couple mods I'd say 10. Favorite Mod: Close 3 way tie between witchery, thermal expansion, and tinker's construct Do you plan to record? No What does Zaepora love? Kitty cats What do you like to do in Minecraft? I like to build machines and gadgets, or build if I'm feeling inspired. (But mostly the machines!) Why do you want to be on our server? I've been on 2 attack of the b-team servers so far and both have been shut down, and I'd really like to find a bunch of people who love the mod pack as much as I do What else should we know about you? My builds may not look pretty, but I promise that they can do some pretty cool stuff.
  5. Username: zerk187 Age: 25 Location: (State or Country Only): MA, United States How often can you play: Probably 2 or 3 hours a day give or take. What time(s) of day are you most likely to be on: I'll usually be on in the evening or in the early afternoon. How long have you played Minecraft: I've been playing minecraft for a little over 2 years. Have you played a modpack before?: Yup If so, which one(s): This one I've played on a different server for the past 2 or 3 weeks until the server moved to a different mod pack. I've played the hexxit pack for a week or so. On the FTB launcher I've played the horizons pack, direwolf20 pack, mindcrack pack, and the agrarian skies mod pack. Have you published youtube videos before?: Nope Do you intend to publish videos of gameplay on this server: Probably not. Would you be willing to participate in a skype interview and play minigames prior to obtaining membership in order to gauge your personailty?: Definitely.
  6. In-Game Name: zerk187 Age: 25 Why do you want to play on this server: The last server I was on switched to a different mod pack, but this server sounds exactly like what I'm looking for. Small, lighthearted, and fun What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): I love mining, and creating something that integrates alot of mods. The only time I really like building is when I get some inspiration for a build I want to do (for example on the last server I summoned a volcano with a full coven and hollowed it out to make a base). What DON’T you like to do: I can't really think of anything in minecraft I don't like to do, so I'll say something in real life I don't like to do ... I truly dispise waking up before 9 AM. Experience with modpack (1-10): I'd say I'm a solid 10 with about 60% of the mods in this pack and a 1 with the others so if my math is correct my experience level is a 6 XD What is love: Love is when everything about the person excites you and you practically trip over your own tongue trying to impress them. Squirtle or Pikachu: I think there are really 2 main issues with this question. 1) Aside from Mr. Mime these have to be two of the lamest pokemon to choose from. 2) Clearly you didn't get the concept of gotta catch em all. I suppose if I'm forced to pick between them though I would go with squirtle cause blastoise is a baws.
  7. Ign(In game name): zerk187 Age: 25 Where are you from?: USA What do you like to build?: I really like building machines or a building if I have a good idea for one. What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: Miner/Engineer mostly. Why do you want to play on this server? The last AOTB server I joined moved to a different modpack and I think this server would be fun to play on. Do you have Teamspeak? Yup
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