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  1. Ign: ajq370 Age: 15 Why this server? I want to try new server that are smaller and make new friends and hope to have fun TZ: East U.S Hope you accept me and thanks for reading
  2. Name: ajq370 Agq: 15 TZ: East U.s Best thing u ever built?: The best thing I have ever built is a big mansion on a creative server took a week to finish Why this server?: I wanna meet new players make some friends and have fun If you ever have to contact me my Skype is Ghost panda
  3. IGM : ajq370 Real Name : Aj Skype : ghost Reason : To meet new players and make friends most of all to have fun Previous work : Mod and co owner on my friends server so I know most of the stuff
  4. IGN ajq370 Skype Ghost Age 15 Why do you want to join the server? well iwant to try new servers with a friendly enviroment
  5. IGN: ajq370 Where do you live U.S FL Age: 15 What do you like to build: a lot of things such as underground bases with redstone what do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc) Builder/miner/engineer Why do you want to play on this server? Well I like to play with other people its not fun alone and making new friends Do you have teamspeak? um no I really never used it cause I didn't know what it was :/
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