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  1. IGN: J_Ferrett_J Skype: Live:jarretteason Do I accept the rules: YES Age: 13 Youtube: Ferrexel Gaming How active will I be: I will every chance I get ( at least a hour on school days and half the day on weekends) Why should I pick you: I have experience with private servers and this mudpack. I will try to get along with others. The whitelist server I was playing on stopped working today, so I want to get on a better one like yours.
  2. Ign:J_Ferrett_J Age:13 Do you record: Yes, if it will make good content Could you donate: No Sorry What would I do on the server: Have fun, build, and be kind of like chimneyswift. Why would I want to join the server: I want to have fun and make friends. What do I love most about AoTBT: I love the diversity about the modpack
  3. IGN:J_Ferrett_J Age:13 Skype: Live:jarretteason Why you?: I love playing with a small group of people so I can get know them. I would hope to record some vids on this server, if you allow me, so that we can be like the real B team server. I am good at building and helping others.
  4. IGN: J_Ferrett_J Age:13 Have you got banned on any other servers: No Why You want to play on the server?: I want to play on a server like youtubers do and to have fun with my friend Iceuas, and meet cool new people How well do you know mods?: I am pretty good with the mods I play on technic packs all the time. Why should you let me on: Well, I am a nice person and I love helping people and I might record some youtube vids on your server. How often will I be on: Anytime I get the chance( And yes I do have a Life so at least 3 hours a day ) Plz accept I am looking forward to play on your
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