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  1. IGN: MaverickGMRSkype (will contact you with this if your accepted): christie.dewetDo you accept the rules?: 100%Age: 16Youtube: <none>How active you will be: Only on weekendsWhy should I pick you?: I just love playing modpacks in general especially on a communative server like this. I'm mature and responsible and love doing all sorts of things with the community. I have some internet issues now and I'm working on it and when that is worked out I'm going to start livestreaming n Twitch. (Already got all my graphics and stuff sorted)
  2. IGN: MaverickGMR Real First Name: Chris Contact: Skype - christie.dewet AGE: 15 (im mature though) Location: South Africa, Cape Town Pros: Good builder, Friendly towards others, Non-griefer, Real 'community player' Cons: Sometimes I swear a bit.
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