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  1. Lukeycraft got the towny plugin that provides the option to claim areas
  2. . . Server IP: bteam.lukeycraft.com Website: www.lukeycraft.com Welcome to LukeyCraft! LukeyCraft is a Minecraft server organization that has been alive for years! We've always tried to put a server up for the best Modpacks out there. Our Attack of the B Team server ig 10.12b Recommended, so make sure you have the right build before attempting to log in! We use very special plugins that allow us to NOT ban any items! You will find that LukeyCraft has very few banned items compared to other servers. Lukeycraft have a great community and a very active website and events. So come on down, and come meet the LukeyCraft community. We are always glad to see a new face! Uptime: 24/7 Plugins: Towny Globalmarket Rules: No bypassing Towny claims Don't exploit bugs Don't use caps and don't spam Respect other players
  3. I have been playing attack of the b team for a long time now, on many different servers but this bug havent been fixed yet so i wanted to report it. There is a bug with the trail mix from the mod "Trailmix" that it bypasses the enchantment last stand from the mod openblocks. When last stand is on armor, it will prevent the player from dying. This is done by using experience as the health source. If the player has 0.5 hearts, or 1 health, left, their future damage will be channeled through their experience first but this is bypassed if you use trail mix. Thank you for your time
  4. I downloaded the server from the Attack of the B-Team: http://www.technicpack.net/attack-of-the-bteam and then just launched it. Do you know something i can do to make this work?
  5. Some one help, please. Ok, on my Attack Of The B-Team server i can't see any morphs, when i hit [. I cant see my player when i hit [ either, would there be something in the config i need to change or what would help? Its like the NEI are there but i am not able to morph or get now morph. When i kill something i dont get the animation you normally gets. Please help
  6. IGN: Tobala How is the server?: I think the server is great and its lag free Any Suggestions?: None
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