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  1. "Hi Kakan this is asparrow10. The other day you whitelisted someone named Borncamper. He recently found my base has stolen over a stack of diamonds from me and greifed my home. Thank You for reading this"
  2. Kaken you need to get a plugin that tracks block breakings someone griefed all the machines in the castle... using a wrench you can break inside citys So please help us ASAP ask synaxin about what we lost.
  3. Ingame name: My IGN is Ryzez202 How long you have played mc/b-team: I have been playing attack of the b-team for about 3 months. I have been playing minecraft for 2 years. How often you play mc/b-team: I play MC everyday on a server that I am a regular on, I play attack of the b-team once in a while (Single Player) Age: I am 15 years old 10/18/1998 Other information: My name is Ryan and I have recently gotten into attack of the b-team again and I was searching through the forums looking for a awesome community to join I hope this is the one you seem very nice Kaken and I would love
  4. IGN: Ryzez202 AGE: 15 years old WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: I would love to join this server because I have been looking for a good server to play on were everybody is friendly and that were we can have a lot of fun SKYPE: loopykid22 (I don't sound my age and yes I know I don't, puberty has not been kind towards me) WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: I love doing witchery and tinkers and I would love to mess around with Food +
  5. In Game Name : Ryzez202 Age:15 I would like to join this modded server because I feel in a modded server community is everything! You can't run a server and have everybody mean to everyone else. I joined a server yesterday and everyone was using Witchery. I love all these mods and i would love to join your awesome community. I would love to build a base or team with someone! -Look forward to your response.
  6. This server will not be getting good reviews from me 2/10 Stars I will be going on to every minecraft server list site and posting my personal review and screenshots sorry it had to come to this however your staff are not good.
  7. Dude i was Nothing but nice to you. Its people like you who make me want to kill myself I hope you know you stole all respect I have for you.
  8. Hey dude I want to know why I was banned I love that server and I was really far into it. Someone was changing the time to nght with witchery I saw the sign that said [bANNED WITCHERY] in the banned things i thought you put it there so i asked the *NEW* Mod and he said that he was the one who *His words* Fu**** up the sign and all i did was take screenshots and he got mad at me. After that i told him about the oven he told me to make a ticket and i did and i asked can you help and he said Why the hell should I help you after that BS you gave me earler then I told him that he is a moderator and
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