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  1. So I have no idea why, but dropbox is not working for my modpack. I did everything step by step and it isn't working. Any suggestions how to fix it? or any suggestions where else to host it?
  2. Basically I cannot click anywhere on the URL space. It is disabled.
  3. So basically a group of us want to have a custom modpack and I just need help setting it up. We want to use the following mods Biomes O'Plenty Micro Blocks Carpenters Blocks Chisel NEI (Not Enough Items)/NEI Plugin WAILA (What am I looking at) Natura Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod Map Writer Better Grass and Leaves Better Signs Ocean Craft Growthcraft: Only Grapes and Hops Infinity Coins Statues Aquaculture I also want to make an SSP version but with Artifice, Tropicraft, Archimedes ships, Flans, Tra
  4. Yup, I am pretty sure that is it. The page just goes to a 504 error. An yeah only the ambient noises and portal gun noises are the only ones I have heard. I cannot even access the page. I guess there is no fix otherwise we would have heard of one.
  5. So I have been playing the Ultra Modded Survival Pack and recording some of it. Today when I went to play, It says it is offline. Because of that the only sounds in-game that are working are the ambient noises. The page for the mod is down as well. I know I am not the only one dealing with it so I am hoping for a solution for everyone.
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