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  1. Can someone suggest a file host that they have confirmed WILL work with Technic with minimal effort and preferably zero cost that is not the following: Dropbox (Bandwidth limit) copy.com (closing) Google Drive (despite fulfilling Technic requirements, not recognized as a valid link) The pinned topic has so far not helped me due mainly to outdated info.
  2. Figured out the stupid issue. On my machine it was java corruption/version. My server host is set up so that the jar MUST be called custom.jar. If it's anything else, it defaults to Modsauce and attempts to run the custom pack with Modsauce back-end configuration which in my case caused GC, TC, Witchery, and Random Things to hate each other. Whatever I had in version 0.3.6 just happened to be entirely compatible with the Modsauce back-end
  3. On the 8u25 machine, batch file and server jar fail the same. Checked and turns out this machine only had 32-bit installed. Removed and installed 8u45 and now both batch file and server jar a working (with and without min and max specified). Server host has confirmed they are running java 7 and I seriously doubt they're running 32-bit so it has to be a ghost issue with java 8u25 or earlier, maybe a couple updates later or a very specific version since now both your pack and mine are working locally on 8u45. Thanks for the assistance, the rest seems to be on my host's end. 1 last thing, which 1
  4. Alright, got the updated 1 "working" and I'm now actually getting a crash report. Seems for me (this is on the java 8u25 machine) that BoP is now throwing the OutOfMemory exception when trying to prepare the world save for stronghold generation. Same thing happened when all BoP biome configs for strongholds were disabled. It's also happening before the console actually displays "Preparing world [%%]". Removing BoP and changing the level type to DEFAULT throws the original OutOfMemory exception, reads "negative index in crash report" in the console and I get a completely empty crash report file
  5. ​Sooo another problem. Trying to run your server pack gives me a missing mods exception. Doesn't say which mod is missing and it all looks right to me. Redownloaded just to be sure and same results. Using your jars in my package gives me the same results I was getting. Reinstalling the forge server for version 1381 and updating Tinker's Construct gives me the missing mods exception again, removing Tinker's still crashes with GC and Witchery both installed. I've confirmed this locally on Java 7v79 and Java 8v25. Assuming you tested your server pack locally, which version of Java are you running
  6. Finally found the root issue(s) which is only affecting the server: Witchery and Galacticraft hate eachother Tinker's Construct (non ancient versions) and Random Things hate eachother (crashing before world gen/load) Tinker's Construct (non ancient versions) hate another unknown mod(s) and has an extremely high chance (not guaranteed) of crashing during world gen/load (unknown exception and no crash report generated). Very small chance that this won't happen though. So the verdict is, wait for a new version of Witchery and/or Galacticraft since I can't find any config conflicts and revert to a
  7. Trying to test/deploy server package, installing forge server from forge installer version 1291, multiple mods are causing crashes during initialization and/or immediately after the world is completely loaded and ready. Crash is an OutOfMemoryException but so far out of close to 100 crashes removing and re-adding mods in groups and individually, there hasn't been a single crash report so I have no idea what's actually causing the crashes. Tested on a server host and on a local server instance. To top it off, it's only happening on the server. Client with identical mod/config setup has zero pro
  8. ​Because I apparently missed the part where it changed authors. Updating it now but won't be able to test it myself until later.
  9. Sorry for the delay. Pack has been updated to 0.3.6 and now has a minimap! Server package has been created as well and can be downloaded from http://technicpack.net/modpack/attack-of-the-b-team-reloaded.552178 EDIT: Final beta this is. Don't use this as your LP or server pack as minor changes in the release may break your world.
  10. ​Definitely! The point of this pack is to put it on my server so there will be a server pack. Providing nothing else is found in the next couple days I'll build the server pack as is and put it up for a bit of testing.
  11. No worries, Kootta. I will not be adding Twilight Forest to the pack. 0.3.5 will be coming up any hour now. Project Red and qCraft have been updated. Natura's sulfur is added to the ore dictionary. Mecha Parts has been added. And on a completely semi-unrelated note, thanks Natura for naming sulfur as barleyFood. Tested with a titan and I'm satisfied with just being able to turn the camera while driving them. Natura's sulfur shows in all recipes that use the Artifice and Thermal Foundation varieties. None of the qCraft blocks or items appear to crash when used/interacted with. Thanks plow for s
  12. Thanks plow. Mecha Parts addedNatura sulfur added to ore dictionary (will verify after work that I wrote the script right)Project Red updatedI'm not finding an actual download for the qCraft port. Will check a couple FTB packs to see if they have it. If not may just remove it.DNA breeder actually did cause an issue early on on my server so I'm well aware of it being problematic. I figured it would have been fixed by now though.
  13. I've already spent 5 months+ on this project and this is the only issue remaining so I'm following through with it. 0.3.4 is up, launcher may take a bit to see it. Confirmed it was just a name and directory change for the config files for cofh. Fixed and tested on my end and diamonds, redstone, and gold are all spawning up to 64 now.
  14. No, I'm not. This project is the result of having my world corrupt from AotBT and having to wait for over 6 months for an update to be "tested" (still not ready as far as I can tell). This way, I control the pack (it's going on my server), I can update/change things at will, etc. Technic, has nothing to do with AotBT development. I doubt the 1.6 author is going to update the current pack at this point and I've been told that a 1.7 pack is currently in development with no news or eta. On to the issue at hand, it turns out that 1 of the cofh updates in the past couple versions change the name an
  15. I'm talking about my update. Think I may have found the problem. Was verifying the json configs before contacting teamcofh and found the cofhcore.json is failing on the first line so theoretically the issue is it's not even getting to the line where you can enable vanilla ore overriding which is why it's not even trying to look at Vanilla.json (default would be not to override). Will rebuild this config with the current version of cofh core after work and test.
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