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  1. ​By any chance do you have BoP? There's a known issue with Tinker's Construct and BoP Villages generation causing a chunk corruption which results in a crash. It seems you may have an issue with too many mods wanting to generate structures and the world crashing from it. I know with TC you can disable their custom Village House and BoP has a feature to disable Villages all together.
  2. Kootta

    Hexxit and Ruins

    Running SMP with recommended Hexxit and Ruins will keep generating new structures around coordinates 0 72 0. This happens when the server restarts and gets insanely aggressive when the chunk isn't loaded and is revisited once more. It's beginning to get out of hand as the server can not be kept on 24/7. Anyone know of ways to fix this or what the cause of this may be?
  3. I went ahead and made a pastebin of the core.yml for LWC that supports all doors and chests added in by other mods. I thought I would save some people time and offer it to those who use MCPC+ or Cauldron. Just a note that any storage that moves cannot be protected through LWC.
  4. ​ Rad! Wish you luck with the server and please let us know when it's set to go.
  5. Are there any plans to release a server version of your modpack?
  6. ​Just wanted to thank you on taking initiative and updating the modpack to 1.7.10. I used to run a server and it was frustrating finding gamebreaking bugs after bug and having no one acknowledge or apply a workaround. The DNA Breeder bug has been around for a long time and the author claims to have fixed the issue, but it still persists. The only workaround I found was to not use the upgrade the speeds up the process on the machine. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know if the plan to implement TwilightForest to the modpack dropped?
  7. This is so disturbing.... It's like they're dying a slow horrible death with every piece of meat that gets spit out of 'em....
  8. They apparently fixed this issue in one of their versions; they're not offering any support if it's any version below 1.2.9. Check out their github for more details: https://github.com/OpenMods/OpenBlocks/issues/432
  9. Get involved with Tinker's Construct right away. The tools you can make help out a ton with your daily minecraft chores. I would read up a bit on how to setup a smeltry and what each tool does. If you do start on Advanced Genetics do not add any upgrades to the DNA Breeder as it will cause crashes.
  10. How would one find out the region file that needs replacing if it's corrupted? Edit: Just to be clear, how do I know what region corresponds to the area that causes the crash and it's file name that needs to be replaced. Edit 2: I've been using this to find the region file name and replacing it with one from a single player world with the same seed and it works for the most part, but it causes lands to look a bit funky. Edit 3: It looks like replacing it with a single player world region only works sometimes; I guess since there's no fix for the issue and no one knows what mod caus
  11. I managed to install MCPC+ successfully. What plugins do you recommend I add to help with the issue? I added pTweaks hoping it would help, but I still crashed when I entered the area. Here is the latest crash report. I'd like to also add that the DNA Breeder does not crash unless you add upgrades to it.
  12. The block doesn't show up in-game. Is it still being read somehow by the server? I don't mind adding plugins. I was thinking of doing so, but when I attempted to add some the sever had issues starting up. How would I got about adding Bukkit properly to the server?
  13. Hey Mattymaats, How would one go about zerging the region? I believe the area used to have a DNA Breeder with an overclocker.
  14. When the server crashed it didn't crash the client; we were sent back to the server selection screen with a server disconnection error. Either way here are both logs for the days the crash occurred. The time stamps between the server and client crash are off by 2 hours I believe; the server is 2 hours ahead. 1st Crash: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4p7kfblmgorprz/techniclauncher_2014-05-19.log 2nd Crash: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yyn4np2cx4gjw9d/techniclauncher_2014-05-20.log I've been able to remedy the problem by moving the character that causes the crash back to spawn using MCEdit and
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