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  1. IGN: Caviar_Gold Age: 18 Gender: M Country: USA Favorite Mod: Thermal Expansion and MFR
  2. IGN: Caviar_Gold Skype: Caviar_Gold Mic: Yes Reason: Really hard to find a small community server and I feel that I can really learn a lot from playing without people. I also like working with groups and meeting new people
  3. IGN: Caviar_Gold Skpye Name: caviar_gold Age: 18 Why do you want to join the server: I love this modpack and I think playing with other people will make it more enjoyable. What mods you think you'll focus on: MFR, TConstruct, Thermal Expnsion, Flans, Food plus, and many more to help contribute to the community
  4. IGN: Caviar_Gold Why would I be a good addition: Friendly, chill, and like being involved Age: 18
  5. IGN: Caviar_Gold Age Bracket: 15-20 TZ: PST Why this server?: I'm new to this mod pack and would love to play with a small group of people. This server seems like a great place to begin my adventures
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