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  1. This isn't exactly the truth. The PR backpacks won't allow you to move an item that takes up the same mirror slot of the spot in your hotbar that the backpack is in.. for example. if your backpack is in hotbar slot 8. whatever is in the backpack on the top row in slot 8 cannot be moved. If you move the backpack now after to slot 7, you can now remove the slot 8 item, but anything in slot 7 would be locked. and so on.
  2. Transport pipes if you want to transfer in/out of a collective storage system. Impulse Item ducts if you just want stuff moved around fast. There's no single best setup in my opinion. They both have their uses.
  3. I had this issue yesterday, i had deep storage units lined up right next to eachother stacked 5 high, so all the interface pipes were connected and it caused things to get stuck just pathing in the imddle of the pipes, go check your pipes on the storage side and see if that is happening. if so i suggest adding a 1 block pipe between each column of interface pipes
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