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  1. I can't connect either. also I think we should start a skype group so we dont have to keep talking on this forum.
  2. so are we reseting the world or what happened lol i went to the bathroom and came back it was off.
  3. its down for me too but lets give him sometime to get it all up and running lol. a lot to manage.
  4. yo if it helps me at all to get into the community. I have a very good knowledge of web design and im certified in flash dreamwearver and photoshop. could help do banners and other things. Just throwing it out there. lol good luck all! #daman4wolverism
  5. yeah i went from jazzed about being accepted to terrified i won't be. Good luck errrrry body though. #daman4Wolverism
  6. Hey so when do you think youll be getting the server if its worth it to you ?
  7. Your IGN:Chrisdaman417 What is your age? (18) Why do you want to join this server? looking for a nice community that isn't too big. (greifers hide in big servers) Are you a explorer, builder or crafter? explorer and builder What do you expect from this server? a fun active community to play with Are you going to record? (this doesn't affect your chance of getting accepted) I might start recording soon. but I might not im not to big on the sound of my voice. Are you willing to donate? (also this doesn't affect it, just curious hehe) If i like the server i might be willing to donate. Are
  8. Minecraft name? Chrisdaman417 What country do you live in? America Skype name? Chrisdaman417 Do you upload to Youtube? Channel? No i dont like my voice Age? 18 Acceptance of server rules? Yes of course.
  9. Ingame Name: Chrisdaman417 Age:18 Why you want to join: the server I was on got old ( people stopped playing on it) Skype: Chrisdaman417 How well do you know this mod pack: I have been messing around with it long enough to know what most of the stuff in it does. Do you agree to the rules? of course. Rules are there for a reason.
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