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  1. i think they added wither skeletons blizz and a few others to the autospawner's blacklist in the update as my system wont spawn anything i needed anymore Edit:breaking and replacing fixed my problem
  2. From what i read there is an item called ball o moss crafted with sticks and vines in the tnt pattern that you throw at regular temple blocks
  3. The tropicraft portal changes a servers spawn for some reason so you cant break any blocks if you have spawn protection to fix just have an op move spawn back to its original location
  4. is something wrong with the server its been down the last couple days?
  5. the server has been down all morning not sure what happened or if anything changed edit:nvm i missed the op update
  6. i went to tropicraft and it moved spawn you may need to move it back
  7. IGN:Vash281 Why you would be a good addition to the server: I have nearly 2 yrs experience in modded minecraft and know alot about some of the techmods Age:23
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