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  1. I'm having the same problem...V1 info didn't carry over to V2. Do I have to make a whole new account for V2?
  2. Thanks for adding me! I just tried to get into the BTeam server and got "Failed to login: Bad login" Maybe I'm using the wrong version?
  3. Minecraft In Game Name? LDyer336 Age? 53 What Country Do You Live In? USA Do You Have/Use Skype? No Do You Have/Use Teamspeak? Yes Will You Be Streaming Or Uploading To Youtube? Maybe...have to learn how to do that first. If So, Chanel/Stream Name Do You Enjoy Building Or Just Playing? Building and Tinkering...don't care too much for PVP Acceptance Of Server Rules? Yes, I Accept
  4. In Game Name: LDyer336 How long you have played MC/BTeam: MC-1.5 yrs BTeam-approx. 6 months How often you play MC/BTeam: almost every day Country: USA Age: 53 Other Information: Looking forward to increasing my minecrafting skills.
  5. Ingame Name: LDyer336 Age: 53 I'm a big kid Why you want to join: I'm always looking for a family friendly server to play on Skype Name (PM me if you want it to be private): LDyer336 How well do you know this mod pack: not an expert at it, but want to learn more Do you agree to the rules? Yes, I agree to the rules. Thanks, Linda (LDyer336)
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