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  1. 1. I never said the accounts were fake. I said other accounts. Other =/= fake. I didn't say the accounts were bullshit. I was arguing that the spam-bumping of all your apoc threads was. Where was I proved wrong again? I, actually reading the previous posts, haven't seen it. And from your information you said prior to that claim, it did appear that pipedoctor didn't play on T&RPG. You mentioned others who did, but excluded pipedoctor from that list. I said I didn't know whether he did or didn't. I really don't care either way. This is what i'm arguing against. Rewarding
  2. Yes, I am using another account. Whoop-dee-fuckin doo. I can't tell which part of this post hurts my head the most, the bullshit or the or how your excessive use of "smiley"'s. Been there, done that, bullshit. < I seem to use that term a lot here. You mention that pipedoctor plays on the tekkit main, but not this one. Yet he comments clearly above that this server has --as do all the other apoc servers he posted on within 5 minutes, apparently-- great staff and helpful players. It's perfectly possible that he plays on all of the technic servers you have forum posts for. However,
  3. *your. Don't try and be a grammar nut if you don't even know how. Also, how am I trolling? I'm making an argument that your spam-bumping is just that; spam. Using another account to spout the same thing about all your servers for the sake of deception is, as I said, bullshit. On the topic of my free time, yes. I could be doing something more productive. However, between this and my pre-calc homework, I'm content with my choice.
  4. Shoot me for being a criminal, you caught me. I made an account to post on these forums. Just like your RPG&Tech server doesn't lag? I haven't played your AGS. I have no intention of ever doing so. But the brief time I spent on this server tells me not to trust you on this point. Sure your server can score 20 TPS. Probably does the majority of the time, even. Hitler wasn't remembered for his art. If your server lags, even once hourly for a few minutes, you still have lag on your server.
  5. I understand your timers have purpose. I was simply saying that they're irrationally long. 20 people can't all be on 30 worlds at once. L2math. Last paragraph is barely relevant, if that. Pay2Shortcut = Pay2GetOPFaster. People like me? It must be a conspiracy! I can't tell what's going through your head, phoenix, but I don't agree that my 1st post was trolling. The second anyone makes a negative comment about your server, attacking them doesn't clear anything up. If you were worried about your threads looking bad, you wouldn't get all hysterical, even if I were a troll. I never said that yo
  6. World should take me to the nether. I knew that when I used it. It took me to the nether, and it just dropped me into the void. Like Neowolf's first two points, I meant server lag and overpowered. I don't know anything about hosting servers, but I'm pretty sure having a half-a-minute wait for block update constitutes as lag. I'm not saying that your server is trash. If I wanted to make a post that solely insulted it, I would've stopped at "plugin hell".
  7. Love the modpack. The server, however, is plugin-hell. I use ./world and fall through it. That's okay, I didn't need all my starter stuff. I guess I'll just try again in 3 minutes. <<<< even happens if you try going to an invalid world. So, let's read the help pages, see what commands we can do! gotta wait half a minute before you can read page 2. Why. Between the lag, the timers, and the massive coloured "buy this and we'll make you OP" spam, your server is very dissapointing. Great idea for a modpack, but this server sucks.
  8. Great modpack. Lack of plugin-teleportation is annoying though. also, I was clearing chat window from all that annoying Grief protection stuff and it banned me for spamming. Thanks.
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