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  1. IGN: TwistedShotz Age: 16 Do you record: Nope but i might depending on if people want me too Could you donate (does not affect your chances): If i get a job yes but not sure yet What would you do on the server: Build and have fun with my friends Why would you want to join this server: Because i want to join a nice community of mature bunch of people to explore the modpack What do you love most about AoTBT: Morph or Tinkers because the diversity you have on choosing what your tools will do
  2. Hmm could you maybe list the people that haven't been accepted so we know if you haven't checked our application yet or if you have and we have been denied thanks
  3. Oh okay i live in australia and i do have good internet so i dont think there will be a problem with lag if i get accepted
  4. Oh and one other question where abouts do you live and what country will the server be hosted it? just so i can get an idea of ping and lag or if it wont be laggy.
  5. Yeah i hope i can get accepted i can play around 5 or more hours a day and like 12 on weekdays because im a total nerd :3 anyway i hope i get accepted
  6. Your IGN: TwistedShotz What is your age? (there ain't no shame ): 15 Turning 16 in 17 days Why do you want to join this server? Beacuse i want to join a nice small community that i can have fun with and explore the mods that AotBT has Are you a explorer, builder or crafter? I'm a bit of both i suppose, i love all three What do you expect from this server? A fun and reliable server with a fun community that can take jokes ( pranking ) but not to harsh Are you going to record? (this doesn't affect your chance of getting accepted) All depends on if i have the time but i will try and r
  7. IGN: Twisted (real name is Joshua) Age (You Must Be 13+): 15 turning 16 in less than three weeks Skype: i do have skype yes, joshua.black1998 Did You Read The Rules: Yes i have read the rules. Why Do You Want To Join The Server: I want to join this server because i want a nice community not to big to play with and make friends also to have fun at the same time and explore AotBT How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: I have watched alot of the lets plays from Bdouble and Chimney and also i few others so i know a bit :3 Gender: Male,
  8. Your minecraft username: TwistedShotz (real name is Joshua) One interesting fact about you: i have been playing minecraft since alpha and i know alot about it Best thing you think you have built in vanilla (doesn't matter if you haven't played much I'm just curious) Well i only do play survival, i never play creative so the best thing i have made is my 2x skelly spawner plus a natural mob spawning room and it produces lets just say, alot of mobs aha Best thing you have built using mods: hmm now i hope this doesn't put you off but i wish to learn as i go i have just started to g
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