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  1. As far as I have tried it, Autonomous activators will not collect berries in their inventory. The inventory for the activator are merely for outputting; far as I know, nothing can go into it. Why not just use a vacuum hopper, or an item collector to suck all the berries up?
  2. So did the memory leak bug for project red: transportation finally got resolved in this pack? Also, did Biomes O' plenty fix the "too many pixie spawns" bug in the promised land? It would have been wonderful if these issues were resolved.
  3. When I placed two bibliocraft birch tables together, it caused the game to crash; when I tried to destroy the fused birch tables, it causes the game to crash. I had to revert to an older version of the game in order to delete those tables from the game, in order to get the game working again.
  4. For some reason, my XP drain from open blocks no longer drains exp. I used open block tanks below my XP drain, and although the tank below the drain is full, there are empty tanks above the drain, connected to the tank where the drain is on.
  5. Dear Sweet Notch! The steam turbine/aqueous accumulator combo! It's no longer working! Now I have to work honestly for my energy. and actually learn to conserve them! Well, it's a bummer, but life's life I suppose. Back to using coal and magma for this guy.
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