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  1. is the server down or is it just me because all my other servers are down too?
  2. I'm 16 I want to join a b team server because it has cool multi player aspects to it and I like playing with cool guys that like to have fun . I also have skype if you like that you can add me its multimatt0202
  3. add me on skype and we talk multimatt0202 youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MultiMatt0202
  4. IGN: multimatt0202 I want to play on a server because its fun to play with other people and this mod pack has a lot of things that would be fun for multi player I will of course follow the rules it would be no fun if people didn't age: 16 skype: multimatt0202 I will be on the server quite often a few hours here and there probably a couple times a day
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