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  1. That's all fine and dandy if that's how you want to run the server. But please don't advertise to youtube personality's then. People who post to youtube need a server with reliable up times so that they can follow a consistent schedule. Because of these down times it took me roughly a week to make one video that i would usually do over the course of 1-2 days. Remember who your clientele is and there server needs.
  2. I agree 100% i even offered nath my help, and I have ample experience with servers. He's not willing to accept my help. And he can't maintain the server himself. So as far as I see it the server was doomed from the start. Time to find a server with a capable owner.
  3. Both me and smash_8 are having the same problem. Probably corrupted player.dat files.
  4. IGN: Vendeta44 Age: 20. I know you said 30+ but I'm hopeing that was more of a preference for people who are mature. Why do you want to join: I've been looking for a good AOTBT server that is suitiblely maintained and harbours mature individuals to restart my youtube channel on. This server seems to cater to that kind of crowd and seems like it could fit me well. Strengths in Minecraft: Automation is by far my favorite and strongest part in minecraft. My goal every time i start playing is to build everything i need to build to eliminate all manual tasks in the game How many years have you been playing MC: Since alpha so like 4 years. How much will you be playing: Currently I'm unemployed and want to rebuild my channel after a few year hiatus, so I usually play between 2-8 hours a day. Depending on motivation and such. Microphone: Blue Snowball Will you be posting vids to Youtube: I sure will be Youtube channel:TheMissingSockz is my main channel, however I also have a second channel that I don't plan on useing anymore TheVindictiveVendeta
  5. Nath fix the god damn server. My account is completly screwed, i can log in but i cant do anything the game completly ignores my character, i even no clip through blocks. If i /spawn i have to relog and my character moves to spawn but its all still buggered...
  6. Is V-sync disabled on aotbt and enabled on vanilla?
  7. Nope down again -,- May have been my fault this time, it did conveniently happen when i started multiple harvesters at once. Still have that offer on the table to help keep the server running nath, I'm online allot so i can help.
  8. I got bored, so I did some investigation. So if anyone is curious the server is hosted by fluctishosting.com looks like its a 1-2gb server. There not reporting any outages so it means whatever crashed the server was one of the members. Unfortunately nath is no where to be seen so who knows when he will be able to start the server back up..
  9. so whats the exact ruling on greifing on the server, is it okay to nuke someones base if there being twits and witching you? God that mods stupid. btw: servers down again
  10. We need more canadian players too! I'm from BC Also dammit nath accept my skype invite so i can help ya fix the server, its down right now.
  11. As soon as anyone logs on besides the first person online the server crashes.... I just wanna play minecraft If you want add me on skype, I used to manage a few servers i can probably help you out. ( I sent you a request on skype btw) post from tekktis web site "Hello! In case you haven't noticed, many servers are currently down and crashing! This is a result of a bug in Spigot (which was adopted by MCPC+) which caused server ticks to go negative and break a lot of stuff a little while ago. This has been fixed by MCPC+ already, so if your server host has not already provided an updated server, please use this one: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-164/ Neither we nor Mojang have anything to do with this issue, nor can we help aside from pointing you to the right place, but we hope all your servers find their way back to working condition soon! Best of luck!"
  12. Servers down again. Probably the minions mod.. You should just remove that mod if people cant use it.
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