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  1. HI, my name (and IGN) is RIdleyWing. This server looks like something I would want to play on, and maybe even recommend to friends. I would like to join your server, and help it grow.
  2. IGN: RidleyWing Age: 14 Skype: Yes, ridleywing (mobile) Activity: I can be very active, but there just hasn't been any good servers Fun Scale: 7 Abilities: IRL- Computers, Video Games, Kindness, Helpfulness IG- Tinkers, Most energy mods
  3. IGN: RidleyWing Age: 14 Reason: I am a friendly player, and just want to experiment with the modpack with no fear of griefing. Steam: ridleywing1
  4. IGN: RidleyWing Age: 13 Skype: (None) Rules: I have read, and agreed with the rules Why Do You Want To Join The Server: I want a nice, small server to try out this modpack How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: I know a good amount Gender: Male
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