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  1. I like the mods you picked. Also like trying rotarycraft. However in single player mode I tried to make a bronze paxel, one of the first tools I make before building more complex tools, and no matter what type of bronze ingot I use it makes Metallurgy 4 bronze tools ,which can not be made into the bronze paxel, which need mekanism tools. Just thought I'd point this out. Yes I did try mekanism bronze, still came out as a metallurgy tool.
  2. Never mind, I'm an idiot. Assumed the "Big Dig" was 1.6, but it is 1.5 so that's why tanks don't hold lava in transit. Please delete this topic admin. Thx.
  3. When building smeltery I like to build a few extra seared tanks and/or seared glass to take with me to lava pit and fill up. Much quicker then transporting a dozen buckets. But in the bid dig mod when I put them back down after filling them, they are empty. Just wondered if anyone else had this issue, it is very minor I know. Thx!
  4. Apologies for posting in wrong spot. Went by a yahoo link. Your suggeston was spot on, thank you. There are 2 other chisels in attack of b-team and only the standard one seems to work. Thanks again!
  5. OK, maybe I did something wrong. I decided I wanted to chisle a number of different blocks, so a I made a chisle with tinker table. Head is slime, handle ardite for stonebound2. When I right click on a block all I get is a eating sound. Is that because the head is slime? I googled around to find a answer, but no luck, so I'm posting here. 6 core cpu, 256mb nvidia, 8gb mem, running Ubuntu 12.04 with Java 7. No changes or additions to mod pack which was downloaded only a week or so ago. Thx for any info!
  6. Well it is a bit strange, but then Elementary OS and (i think) Ubuntu both run by default OpenJDk 6 as their default java (i installed JDK7 after having issues with launcher, but didn't remove JDK6 thinking other programs might need it, perhaps that might have fixed it as well. Don't want to mess with it now that its working to test that theory) But from what I gather reading on the internet, it is not directly supported by JAVA. Some legal issue it would seem. So I had a thought that maybe they don't run the same. I looked a bit around and found couple other people with launch issues in other mods with forge and java, their solution was to remove and reinstall the latest version from Java and that seemed to work. So I thought why not give that a shot? Was a fairly simple search to find the install for regular Java and it worked. Anyway thanks for help loader! nice to see a community that works together.
  7. Hello everyone! The fix was simple! So all I had to do was install Java 7. Minecraft mods, like forge, have issues with OPEN JDK6 and 7 java that was installed with my linux. I'm running elementary OS, which is basically ubuntu 12.04. I did not have to remove Open JDK to get it to work. I will list the commands I used to install, but please google for instructions for installing Java 7 if you are running something different then me. Run commands in a terminal (get java repository) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java sudo apt-get update (install java 7) sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer (determine your version after install) java -version Mine said as of March 26 2014 that it is java version "1.7.0_51" I don't know how, but this bit of info should be announced/told to debian community.
  8. Ok, well I just did a fresh install of ubuntu 12.04. On this machine it has 6 core amd, 8gb memory, running latest JDK6 and 7. Same thing occurs, click play, loads, launcher momentarily disappears and pops back to launcher screen. Only happens on attack of b-team mod. Looked at logs and I see this error [b#431] 2014/03/25 16:26:56 [iNFO] 2014-03-25 16:26:56 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] An error occurred trying to configure the minecraft home at /home/(PCNAME)/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam for Forge Mod Loader. So is it some kind of rights issue? The location is correct, just can't do what it needs to. Any suggestions? Again, new machine, different hardware, same issue. just not sure what to do about it.
  9. Bats are simply the best morph hands down. thy are one cube in size so smaller then bees/wasps and I think they fly faster. You can fly up ladders and can even fly through water sort of. gliding around your base to open chests and operate things is so much easier then walking. Played in bat mode so long it started to feel weird playing in any other morph.
  10. I would like to toss in my experience just now. My Windows machine got a root kit infection and so I'm on a Dell D630 laptop running Ubuntu 12.04. Using tekkit launcher I could successfully launch and play vanilla minecraft and hexxit pack. But launching AofBteam, downloads/checks mods and then seems to almost launch and pops back to launch screen even before the Majong splash page appears. I haven't had any time to mess with anything and am not sure where the logs are in this system. I have to get back to work in a 15min, but afterwards I can look and send logs if you like.
  11. Has the issue been resolved for you? Reason I ask is while I am able to start and play (without adding anything extra) I do get kicked back to launch screen after awhile. Its a bit annoying. Anyway your issue sounded similar to mine and was wondering if you could shed a tiny bit of light on problem.. ThX