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  1. For anyone interested in this, there are some improvements to this in the latest Galacticraft 3 build. http://wiki.micdoodle8.com/wiki/Electric_Compressor#Automation
  2. We are absolutely committed to that in GC3, certainly since I joined the team which was March 2014. Personally I love to automate when I play Minecraft, and although these days I mostly code instead of playing, I think it's very important that everything works in the way that players would expect.
  3. Thanks for pointers on those issues of concern. We have made some machine automation improvements in GC3, but I will review this again before the next GC3 update. Please explain what is meant by "ore processing chain doesn't fit into the usual modpack gameplay at all", I don't understand that one? These days Galacticraft ores are all Oredict compatible (unfortunately it was not the case before around version 2.0.10) and the three standard metals (copper, tin, aluminum) should interact fully with other mods. In GC3 we have also added intelligent metal block recipes, so 9 IC2 copper ingot
  4. Hi guys, as you may know I'm the co-developer of Galacticraft working jointly with micdoodle8. For the final 1.6.4 pack, we recommend version of Galacticraft. Not version Build #1096 has: * fixed three bugs causing rare crashes in #1084 * corrected the Buildcraft and Thermal Expansion energy conversion ratios, in a default Galacticraft config file * performance increase * other small fixes It would be good if the modpack makers would take note of this! Also it would be good to add the block IDs of glass blocks from other mods - for example Hardened
  5. This power multiplication bug between aluminium wire and TE is fixed in Galacticraft builds 1024 and later. We maintain a beautiful changelog at http://ci.micdoodle8.com/job/Galacticraft/changes so that players like you can see what is being fixed. If you want to have all the most recent updates in Attack of the B Team then ask the modpack makers to update to the latest Galacticraft version which is 2.0.13. NOTE: generally speaking, whatever build is in the modpack, server owners can safely update server-side only to the latest build as long as it has the same Galacticraft minor version
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