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  1. IGN: Pixeledbrain Age: 16 Why do i want to join this server? Because im fed up of public servers full of griefers. I also prefer small communities Explorer, builder or crafter? Definitely not builder. I like exploring and crafting OP stuff What do i expect from this server? I expect a mature community, and a server where i can have fun Im not going to record, at least not at the moment At the moment not, if i play arround 2-3 months without problems, i would think about it. Im sorry, but i am rubbish at building, but i like getting the resources needed for building. I have moderate knowledge. I have created the most OP stuff in Tinker's construct, i like Openblocks, hidden chambers... but there are mods i still haven't tried out, like witchery, or arquimedes ships Wolf or lion? I guess Wolf from the server name
  2. Name: PixeledBrain Age: 16 Why would you want to join this server: Im fed up with little kids griefing/disturbing/robbing on public servers, giggling on skype with their friends.
  3. IGN: PixeledBrain Age (You Must Be 13+): 16 Skype: Pixeledbrain Did You Read The Rules: Of course brah Why Do You Want To Join The Server: I have been looking for a server like this for a long time, then i started playing attack of the B-Team survival, and then i discovered this! How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: I have used quite a lot Tinkers construct, openblocks, and some others, but haven't gotten into witchery, microblocks, or arquimedes ships- Gender: Male
  4. Application: ·IGN: Pixeledbrain ·Age: 16 ·How often will you play on the server? Porbably every day, i spend most of my time playing games, but im fed up of griefers on public servers ·Are you willing to play fair? As long as i get treated fair, i will. (Which i hope is all the time) ·Will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Yeah, actually, i will probably spend most of my time visiting other people's bases, i am not a great builder. (My best house design is an oak box) (BTW, i registered just to enter this application form, so even if i dont get picked, and i think i won't because a lot of people have already been chosen, could you tell me where can i find other servers like this? preferably attack of the B-Team)
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