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  1. IGN kristhewereduck Reason of wanting to join: want a server like genricb and bdoubleo play on Your favorite mod: varies on what im getting in to but now its witchery Age:14 but i am very mature as i play many games with people who are older than me to Youtube:planning on making a channel later... maby Skype account yes - kristhewereduck i think the new skype confuses me
  2. IGN-kristhewereduck Age-14 What do you like to do- i am getting bored of single player and would like to do thing like ChimneySwift and others are doing on youtube what i dislike- people who think they know everything what you like to do in real life- just moved to BC so have been getting into many things like skiing,Hiking,Guitar,golf and many more. Time Zone Mountian Time Skype kristhewereduck
  3. name-kristhewereduck age-13 why would i like to join this server- i watch people like Bdouble0 and GenericB and would like to play like they do
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