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  1. Will village spawns ever be brought back again in future builds once someone figures how to tinker with the code so they spawn more naturally working with Bioms of Pleanty? I just discovered a village in my world and it almost looks like an apartment complex because the buildings merged with the terrain and are about 15-20 blocks high in some areas. Looks pretty funky. I'm thinking of adding a walkway system between the doors which are high up. Admitatly a bit of work...but I do like the random villages that spawn in 1.0.10b.
  2. I don't really know much about programming. I just observed that a lot of modders only kept their mods updated to 1.6.4 and never bothered to keep up with the newer Minecraft builds. It's not too bad going backward from the current version to 1.6.4 for the sake of mods. I applaud all the mod makers that have worked with the Attack of the B-Team modpack to keep adding to and updating their mods to work with 1.6.4. My secret wish is to have Ars Magica 2 added one day. I don't know if it will fit the theme and feel they wanted for Attack of the B-Team. I just think it would be a good
  3. You can also modify the default settings in the Morph.cfg file located in: C:UsersusernameAppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamconfig Open the file in notepad. You can change settings so you don't instantly morph into what you just killed. You can also set it so when you morph into a hostile mob, other hostile mobs won't attack you (one I find happy to avoid creeper grief when the buggers sneak up on you).
  4. Yeah, I had to wipe out an older version of Java and make sure I was just running the latest version. After that...it worked!!...and then I don't remember much for several weeks...
  5. That makes sense. I have not yet been lucky enough to "win" stilk touch as an enchanting option in any of my legit games. Sometimes I use creative mode to test things out, but I usually play survival as I love the challenge and pride you feel when you go from punching trees to...
  6. I hate creepers...I really do. Two of them? Eeeeesh... In my single player world I hit some water that dragged me towards some lava. I paniced and ended up dying in the lava. I never found my grave stone even though my death marker was on the map. I think lava is another death that unfortunately eats up your grave stone.
  7. I crafted Tinkers Construct shovel out of Alumite with the Moss and Silky modifiers. I have now found out when I use it that because of "Silky" it picks up grass blocks first and then dirt afterwords (so your inventory fills up quickly). I haven't tested this fully...but I don't think I can get a flint drop from shoveling gravel with my new shovel. I played around with some gravel and I never got flint, until I built a standard dimond vanilla shovel. Still...I love the Moss options in TC. I also like the level of control you have adding "luck" vs using a vanilla enchanting table. I ha
  8. I don't know if this would work or be compatible with the "theme" of Attack of the B-Team. I have always been fond of the Ars Magica mod pack. Ars Magica 2 is now being employed. It adds a really neat magic system to the game. I don't know if "wizards vs witches" would be something the developers wanted or not. Either way, I would suggest you play around with that mod in vanilla Minecraft, it really adds a cool element. I was of course inspired by Paul's Legend of Hoodie YT series.
  9. ...and yes now it gives the prompt if I want to update my mod pack.
  10. Ahhhhh...sorry dude!! I just found the other cog!! Lol!! I'll change my settings now and see what happens. Thanks!! I tried uploading a screen shot in my last message but this forum doesn't seem to allow images. Thanks for your patience. I didn't notice that little cog, I was focusing mostly on the one that probably is for updating the Technic Launcher itselt...not the mod packs. Thanks again.
  11. Well I did hit the cog, changed the setting to "Always use Beta Launcher Builds" and hit the Save button. It asked me to close the Technic Launcher and load it again, I did so and it checked the mod...looked like it downloaded something...but it didn't really change the game. I was curious if I actually deleted the attack-of-the-b-team directory, that would prompt the Technic Launcher to download the Beta version,and I shoudl be able to plug in my Saves directory over top. I mostly wanted to know if there was something else less drastic I could do to kick the starter into checking the
  12. I am not too familiar with how the Technic Launcher works. I'm running build 439 and I have had no problems with my current game I checked off the Always Use Beta Launcher Builds button a day or two ago. I have not notcied any updates or additions in the mod packs within my Attack of the B-Team game. I was curious if I needed to do something else (I have already backed up my Saves directory) to trigger my client to start updating to the 1.0.10b build? In the past, I've always just wiped out the entire .technic diretory and let the Technic Launcher download the mods. Is this requ
  13. Ah cool! Perhaps I'll update to the beta version and give 1.0.10a a whirl.
  14. I've also been following paulsoaresjr's & chimneyswift11's videso on generikb & bdouble0 server. I look forward to when Bibliocraft is available on a stable version of this mod pack. I'm just playing a single game for now. I hope to find a mature server somewhere close to Southern Ontario some day in the future and enjoy the fun of playing with other people. Attack of the B-Team has really peaked my interest in Minecraft once again (you know when you play so long and wonder why you have a headache until you reazlize 4 hours have passed by). Thanks again for bringing all these a
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