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  1. Clearing taint with my airship over Obelisk Island and flew a little too high. When assembled ship (pressed '/') top half had disappeared, including dawn machine, pipes, ward jars, chest full of ward jars, and, most importantly, the ship's helm so I can't even move the ship to get my stuff back. Error = 'height limit for building is 256 blocks' so need to try alter config file, but just can't find the one I am looking for in appdata/technic/mods/blighfall - any help? or have I lost all my jars of auram and dawn machine
  2. Thanks, but can't for life of me find right config file in mod pack to change. Have gone through all in appdata technic blightfall folder, but just not finding the right file. Any help?
  3. More Info: I've just taken the helm off my second ship to see if I can use this to move it. However warning in text appears 'HEIGHT LIMIT FOR BUILDING IS 256 BLOCKS' and that is where I am because that's just above Obelisk Island, and that's why the top of my boat has disappeared. Is there some way to change the limit?
  4. Quite a way through Blightfall. Mod pack up to date, 16GB Ram (so enough), Java etc all up to date. Have been clearing taint with a Dawn Machine on the back of the air ship found at the floating city (slightly modified). Today I was flying over Obelisk Island, actually over the Eldritch Obelisk, and the top half of my air ship disappeared when I stopped and assembled it (pressed '\'). I cannot move it because the ship's helm has also disappeared - in fact my Dawn Machine and chest has also gone. Re-starting the game has not bought blocks back. Coincidentally, as I've been flying around large
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