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  1. Username: Dudeguybrah Age: 23 Location: (State or Country Only): Colorado USA How often can you play: Daily or at least every other day. What time(s) of day are you most likely to be on: Anytime really, It all depends on my schedule of the day. How long have you played Minecraft: About two years Have you played a modpack before?: Yes If so, which one(s): Technik, FTB, Hexxit Have you published youtube videos before?: No Do you have any examples: No not yet. Do you intend to publish videos of gameplay on this server: Most likely when I get my new co
  2. Hey, I'd like to join if possible. My Age: (since everyone else is doing it) 23. Also, ill inbox you my skype information.
  3. Name:Dudeguybrah (Drew) Age:(23) Gender: (Male) Youtube link: Dont have one at the moment. What makes you perfect to record with: I like to build things, people like to watch builders. Little bit about yourself: Oh uh, putting me on the spot like that. xP Well for starters I'm a military vet and I like to build in minecraft. I can be chatty at times and well, thats all there is to it. (Really bad about telling people about myself) Skype: If im on, its Dudeguybrah
  4. IGN: Dudeguybrah Age: 23 Why do you want to join: Im looking for a community of adult players who are more mature. Strengths in Minecraft: I'm a Builder. Not so good at surviving but I can definitely build things. How many years have you been playing MC: Roughly two years. How much will you be playing: Daily or semi-daily depending on how work goes. Microphone: Laptop mic but getting a new one isn't a problem Will you be posting vids to Youtube: Eventually Youtube channel: N/A ... .. .. . Yet.. .. ... ..
  5. Ingame Name: Dudeguybrah Age: 23 Why you want to join: My girlfriend plays on here and I'd like to join her Skype: Dudeguybrah How well do you know this mod pack: Super Newb. Yeah, not ashamed of that. I have watched some stuff, some. Oh and I saw a mud crab once but I ran from that... Do you agree to the rules? This is a silly question, Of Course I do. >.> I do wanna play after all.
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