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  1. IGN : Boyandarrow Age: 20 Activity: Will most likely play at least once per two day Role: I don't mind being either, althought I have been a mod before and am pretty great at conflict resolution
  2. If there is still the need for new players : IGN is Boyandarrow I'm 18, from Canada and love playing on modded servers, unfortunately my last server went down I have skype, but would rather you contact message me for it if you wish Salutations
  3. Now.. I'm not sure if there are more applications accepted but... I'm 17, would love to join a small-ish AOTBT server, community based and mature individuals, would be on almost everyday if I can, thanks for reading, Regards, Boyandarrow (Minecraft name)
  4. Yes yes.. yes all the way! IGN : Boyandarrow First name: Christian or Zack, I don't mind Skype : sensual_sandwich Age : 17 Paragraph : I've been in my share of dying or failing servers and all I'm looking for is a nice stable, community-friendly and drama-free server, I like to spend time on the little mods such as food plus, not a factory freek or an automation geek, I enjoy building community ...builds (a bit redundant, I know), quirky shops and a nice little disorganised cabin-in-the-woods kinda base Hope to see you soon gals and guys, Chris
  5. In game name : Boyandarrow Skype : sensual_sandwich Age : 16 Mature individual looking for a fun server to play on ! Good builder and very friendly ! I never grief apart from the occasionnal all-in-good-fun prank, and never without consent, I make my living from making people smile
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