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  1. Oil (with the usual burning effects), sludge or sewage might do it too.
  2. Excellent. Total glass case it is! Going to have to sort out my coolant then. The 4 blocks leave air gaps in the corners that I will have to deal with. I assume the best strategy with ender is to place a complete layer across the top of the reactor? Cryo would require a source block in every space? I have the resources for tesseracts, so that is probably the easiest way to join them together. I will have to do more research on how to actually assemble a turbine. Do you then take the coolant out of the reactor and use the external cooling only? My power system is currently no
  3. jakalth, your post made me finally launch in and start a bigreactor on the server I am on. I had enough resources from the nightly quarries, so jumped straight to 7x7x5 OD. I have run across a few questions and problems. 1. Does reactor glass/vents/controllers have the same heat dissipation as reactor wall? I try and locate the controller/ports as far away from the fuel as possible. 2. Cryo is still a bit of a limit. At the moment I have used 4 buckets of liquid ender tipped in at the top of each corner of the star. Does flowing ender count as cooling or only the source block? 3. Ev
  4. Deep storage units are awesome for a single type and cheap to boot. Haven't found a reason to use Extra Utilities compression on anything with them in place from the initial turtle and pipe network when in a hovel, then moving them into the tower and attaching to ME network. The low lag way for dealing with liquids in quarries was to use a force field to displace the water before the quarry was set up. Not sure if this is in the current Tekkit these days. Anyway it is not something I use much quarrying over the ocean, which avoids 90% of the flowing liquid issues. After my last expe
  5. Good guide for a beginner. Just a few tips to add: 1. A redstone torch next to a land mark will shoot out tracer beams 64 in all directions. This makes it trivial to place the other 2 landmarks. To get the frame up, break the redstone torch and rclick the marker in the middle (same as HeatHunter said) 2. I usually quarry over the ocean. No blights on the landscape, instant obsidian, and being (mostly) static water, very little lag. As for the oil, the pockets are fairly well contained in the water and can stay there. 3. Using a bucket of monster essence will displace both oil
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