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  1. IGN: HeyItsLauraa AGE: 15 Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale: 6 Why do you want to join? playing alone is boring :c and i enjoy making friends and playin in a community !
  2. IGN: HeyItsLauraa Skype : heyitslaura07 Do you agree with our rules to the server? yes Age : 15 Youtube: only for subscribing youtubers How active you will be on the server: 2-3 hours a day Why should we pick you?: im a really fun person to be with ill contribute 100%
  3. IGN: HeyItsLauraa Skype :heyitslaura07 Do you accept the rules?: of course ! Age:15 Youtube: dont have one, only for subscribing How active you will be: 2-3 hours a day Why should I pick you?: i work really well with people i chat with anyone, and im really fun, im also up for roleplaying ! ;D
  4. IGN: HeyItsLauraa Age: 16 Skype: heyitslaura07 Real Name: Laura i would love to join your server !
  5. Name: Laura IGN: HeyItsLauraa Skype(MUST HAVE): heyitslaura07 Youtube: Laura Craft Age: 15 Why Do you want to join?: have a fun time in a server with people Anything Else: im a fun person
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