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  1. IGN: Toastlord101 Age: 17 Reason: I would rather play multiplayer than single player and any server that I've been on that wasn't white-listed was worse than single player :/ Steam: Toastlord101
  2. IGN: Toastlord101 Age: 17 Skype?: Nope TS3?: I use teamspeak frequently Reason: I recently had the urge to play minecraft again and singleplayer is lame. I understand and will follow the rules of the server.
  3. IGN: toastlord101 First name: Joey,Joe, or Joseph skype: THEJOEINATOR5000 age:17 paragraph: I would like to join a small community because big communities especially mine craft communities are full of really bratty kids who talk about the lamest shite and think Metallica is and i quote "old and lame" all i want is to haz funz with people. i can be on whenever because i aint in no learnin school no more (well technically i am its online schooling). i agree with all of yer rules an such and to be honest i didnt know anything about the minion mod till now. I am an okay builder and really like just being chill with some people and talkin bout things like music and wizards. and that is the end of my paragraph and i cant think of a good way to incorporate this into my paragraph so just watch it...
  4. IGN: toastlord101 How long have you played mc/b-team: MC,since 2011, and b-team for a while now How often do you play: every day when i am not busy and im unemployed right now so i have lots of freetime Age:17 other information: i rarely sleep and spend most of my time doing online schoolwork or playing games.
  5. IGN: toastlord101 NAME: Joseph (i prefer joey) Age:16 Job:does school count? Smoke? Drink?: refer to my age Night owl/early bird? definitely night owl seeds: my favorite is -273762557 i think the pack is fine the way it is anything more would cause problems. about me: im young but mature and dont have any pc gaming friends so id really like to meet someone who i can pc game with.
  6. ign: toastlord101 Age: 16 Experience: i know most of the mods and i am very adaptible to anything i dont know What i am looking for:some people to talk and play with.
  7. igm: toastlord101 age: 16 gender:M why you want to join: every non whitelisted server ive been on is too impersonal but playing alone is lame. skype:no skype
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