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  1. Unfortunately, TreeCapitator broke while when we updated the server, and we hadn't noticed it until you mentioned something. Thank you very much for pointing that out! A newly updated version of TreeCapitator will be uploaded shortly.
  2. Whoa! Looks like I forgot to shut off whitelist! That's what I get for turning it on in a rush! I was quick to forget! Thank you all for your kind words! And thank you for enjoying the server!
  3. Duuuuuuuude Stone city rocks bro! Pack a bowlski and get to playin! Coolest dudes around!
  4. I just wanted to thank everyone for their constant support! You guys are awesome! If it wasn't for you guys the server wouldn't be as wonderful as it is. I tried hard to make a simple server based on the concept of Vanilla with basic commands; which was easy enough to do! YOU GUYS make it awesome because it's your influence that makes such a great community! Thank you guys again for everything! I'm glad you guys think so highly of my server!
  5. I found out a solution. If you use default minecraft fence, it works no problem. I've just started to raid the fencing off of neighboring structures. Finally, my hops and grapes are growing! I have a different issue now, it seems the "Smasher Module" isn't very good at smashing. It is infact not smashing anything at all!
  6. I cannot plant GrowthCraft hops, or Grapes. The Growthcraft Rope isn't working. I don't think it's your servers fault, as it doesn't work on my single player world either. Or on any other server for that matter.
  7. Nice server! Modpack is very similar to Simplify, just added smart movement. Personally I thought it was a nice touch. However I can imagine how amaxter must feel. None the less, not a bad server at all! First one I've seen with factions!
  8. Thanks for reading the full page, including the part where it says the page was a WIP. As for directly attacking your server, I didn't even mention it anywhere. I put the words "Because donating for tpa sucks" Which is true, and many many people will agree with me on it. But I removed it because obviously it hurt your feelings. Sorry about that. As for "directly attacking" You coming to my page to tell me I suck IS a direct attack, because clearly you're stating it about my server. Forcing players to donate in order to enjoy the little things, such as /tpa and towny is your buisness. But don't come flame my thread because myself and thousands of people happen to disagree with you. If you think your average MC player is going to donate 15.00 for Tpa, I'm sorry to say but you'd be wrong. Thank you for the bump. Please have a wonderful day sir.
  9. Simplify!- A hint of Vanilla! IP: 50 Slots. Due to the lack of Simplify servers, I decided to make one. It's still very much in the works, but it is currently playable! Here's what you currently can enjoy: tpa back sethome hats colorchat Don't have Simplify? Get it here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/simplify-for-minecraft.555169 Server is currently only online on days that end in "Y." Thank you for understanding. We are looking for mature players who want to have a good time. Preferably 14+. This is and adult run server, so swearing should be expected. This forum thread is a WIP. I will be improving it more once I feel the server is "done." Thank you for your time, hope to see you ingame! As of 7:54 CST January 21st. We are now donating 90% of all donations directly to ChildsPlay. The Gaming Charity.
  10. I was able to download, and update the mod fine.
  11. The creator of Hack/Mine (Frizzil) is officially retiring from the mod. However, he is going to be Open Sourcing it, which means that other developers will have the opportunity to bring it back to life. Servers will still work, you just have to connect with the correct version. Neon shift is using 6.4.4
  12. Neon Shift is currently using version 6.4.4 You'll have to downgrade to that version in order to connect.
  13. While this is true..... Frizzil stated that he IS going to open source it. Which means that other people will be able to make advancements on it and bring the mod back to life. I am working on getting 2 really good developers to work together to bring Hack/Mine back. HACK/MINE REBORN.
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