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  1. more info on how to give additional help, spread the word and video on just a part of catastrophe that's been going on: http://helpserbia.com/
  2. [TL;DR] If u have a minute and want to help.. - follow this link - http://inserbia.info/today/2014/05/ask-google-to-help-serbia-bih-croatia-by-sending-an-email/ Hello my fellow Technicians , I'm not usually the one to bother anyone with anything associated with humanitarian actions because I think you are already bombarded with many ads for helping, but realising the lack of information about this and seeing my people (ex Yugoslavian countries) work together for the first time after many years has made me help all I can with our current situation.. We have declared a state of emergency and have been hit by a natural disaster likes of which we never saw before.. Devastation is worse than the bombing of Serbia when I was about 10 years old.. ( and I live in the capitol which is still scared from that event :/ ) I'm not asking you to spend any money, just a moment of your time. By sending that email (see details by following the link) it will, hopefully, make Google add a link to help us on their homepage.. I'm sad that I'm in a bad physical condition that is preventing me to go with my friends and other volunteers to help by placing sand bags and other physical work involved, so I have been helping in other ways I could.. This is one of them.. I really don't want to be annoying and you don't have to do anything, I just felt obligated to at least ask some of you that might want to help so we could contribute and aid ones in need.. If you are by any chance interested in more info or ways to help, ask me, I'll do my best to answer.. Thank you for reading! (I have read the rules and I think I'm not breaking any, that's the last thing I want to do.. I have no gain from this and I'm not advertising any web site or service etc.. I'm just trying to help out..) Alex
  3. IGN: AlexKockica Age: 26 Location: Serbia Modpack experience: Well I have played Unleashed and Monster on servers and I know how to build almost anything, also played AoTBT in single player and I'm familiar with majority of mods (didn't do Galacticraft yet and I'm not familiar with ProjectRed-Transportation pipes..). Building skills: It's hard to give this a number.. I know how to build almost any machine setup, farm, grinder etc.. as for creativity, I would like to think I have it :-) Why me? - I have never griefed or stolen a thing, I help others a lot, and I have a vast knowledge of many mods, practical skills ( things not found in wiki's ) I'm here because the server where I play on doesn't have this mod pack and I would really love to do some Witchery, Necromancy and Galacticraft mostly because the other packs I play don't include them and I'm a little fed up with some technical mods (a little ) I can help others out with energy production or stuff like TiC, Adv. Genetics etc.. Anything extra you want to add? - I enjoy doing fun pranks.. I never do unimaginative ones, I always try to do something either original or fun and care that no griefing will occur.. I hope current whitelisted crew on the server has proven to be good Only one more thing I would like to add, will the server be updated to latest versions when they come out? I'm looking forward to Witchery and Galacticraft updates that will come soon and would love to see them on a server too..
  4. Hi, I'm testing and playing AoTBT latest version 1.0.10b single player, and whenever I open the galacticraft map (which also happens a lot by accident), my cursor becomes invisible when i open my inventory or any item that has one, chests, furnaces etc.. Only way I found to fix this is to restart the game.. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm playing on a Macbook Pro 15" Retina Display (Intel Core i7 2,3GHz, 16Gb 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, graphics Nvidia GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB and OS X 10.9.2
  5. Extra Utilities is a needed addition.. Ender pump and Ender quarry, it has minimal lag, so we don't have to only use minions for auto mining (and even those are forbidden on lots of servers..) The Love generator! Works using Pink Dye.. Cmon!! We need that!! etc etc.. there's a ton of stuff that extra utilities have and that would improve aotbt.. Chandelier and Magnum Torch to stop mob spawning in certain areas, very helpful.. using that in every base (in mod packs that include it) Sacred ritual performed to unlock the Division Sigil.. Cursed Earth.. Special new tools.. Rain and sound muffler!!! Blackout curtains..only light proof alternative to a door.. I use those with spawner rooms, or ore berry farms to block out light, but still have a "door" I love that mod so much.. I use it in other mod packs often.. I've sent a tweet to generikb, hope he sees it :-)
  6. Uh sry I didn't really have a good look at the dates.. Well I've been playing Monster mostly and Steam turbines worked with water long time.. Only fixed in latest update few days ago.. I wasn't searching forum that much, but is it correct that you can't generate steam in Attack of B-team? Also thx for the info on those Poke-mobs.. Didn't know that Do you know in which biomes they tend to spawn most?
  7. just a note for MFR Steam Turbines, they have been fixed in the latest update and now actually require steam as intended.. I've been using the same steam turbine "exploit" in Monster.. I know it's unrelated to the topic, but seems that those turbines are completely useless on Attack of The B-Team since there is no way to create steam.. Oh and for ender pearls, at beginning I look for those weird Purple mobs with long arms and legs that also drop ender pearls, they don't fight you even if you attack them and often drop 2 pearls, at least from my experience.. I'm still looking for a good source of mob essence, all methods I know don't produce fast enough for my liking (Using regular spawners, slime liquid..cursed earth on other mod packs, etc..) Sry for small digressions I made.. I hope post is still relevant to topic in some ways..
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