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  1. Hey people, I was one of the members of the server started by Vipersniper500, and it has actually ended. It was great fun and we had good times but all good things have to move on. If you have a server you want members for, I would suggest posting it on the servers tab But as of now, I think we should close this thread. Sincerely, Carl P.S. If you dont believe me when I say I am one of the members of that server check out my channel for video evidence ( ) or check out Vipersniper's and check the descriptions. Here is a battle I actually fought in with him ( ). Just a friendly reminder!
  2. Hey guys, I'm a YouTuber and in a recent episode I was trying to get to the tropics... But when I drank the pina colada in the beach chair under the umbrella, it didnt create a portal. It only gave me nausea for a little bit. Anything would help. Thanks a bunch
  3. I want to make some auto spawners but I need plenty of mob essence. I want to use a vanilla spawner because they dont rely on power. I also want to have the spawner under my base so it will always be productive because its in the loaded chunks... Any tips?
  4. IGN: CarlsFriend Why do you wish to join the server?: Ive been looking for something like this for a while and havent found a server that provides me with mature friends/players. Also to make videos and to have fun with other people that have the same intent. How often will you be on? I have a full time job but ill pry be on a little every week night. Weekends the most though. How often will you create episodes? 2 to 3 every week. Would you be interested in doing 'crossover' episodes?: if I understand the question right, or as I interpret it as playing with other players on video and such,
  5. Its partially because of the two b different world generators. BoP is a modded version of the vanilla version. They work well together while doing terrain generation but when it comes to villages they conlflict ever so slighty and messes some of the villages up...
  6. I want to build a plane with flans mod but I cant figure it out... Ive tried many Youtube videos but the only thing they do is tell you how to make the parts. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I have an 8 core 3rd Gen Intel i7 processor and no graphics card. I will admit it is a pretty high end card, but i think if you have the right version of java installed and a couple GB of ram and a decent (preferably quad core processor) processor it should work.
  8. Or kill a squid and hang out in the bottom of the sea
  9. Generikb addressed the problem in this video...
  10. The other possible fix is to return key configs to default in your settings>controls menu
  11. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1749374-164smpforge-chisel/page__st__0 Click on description spoiler and it has a recipe image
  12. Things that I would try, increase the amount of ram, decrease players slots (only if frequently full), change the config files to keep fewer chunks acitive near players, potentially disabling the end, unless it is used frequently, and turning down general settings. Potentially putting optifine on... Just some suggestions.
  13. I have studio quality mic and a really good gaming rig. I have skype @ derrick.wengerd and I can use google hangouts. My youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/theCarlsFriend. I only have 50 subs but I just started about a month or two ago. Id love to play
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