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  1. maybe get into minefactory and get some auto farming going?
  2. hey mate i got a new server opened up it's whitelisted only a few players on,, it is hosted in sydney australia if you are keen come check it out at http://ausbteamrp.enjin.com/home
  3. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I feel sad now Time: 6/5/14 8:15 PM Description: Exception in server tick loop *snip*
  4. hey guys WEBSITE: ausbteamrp.enjin.com/ whitelist applications on the website forums the server has jst been open so it is a good place to start your adventure hope to see you in-game RULES No greifing of any kind on the server. No stealing from other players. No hacks are allowed on the server. Do not exploit any bugs or glitches. you dont have to be from australia to apply Please apply on website only no longer accepting on this forum ausbteamrp.enjin.com/
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