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  1. IGN:dravushd Age (Don't have to say):14 but im pretty mature Skype (you may PM me if you wish):oskar.och.jakob.lindvall Why would you like to join the server?:i hate open servers and whitelisted servers often got nice people. i know much about pretty much every mod in atotbt. Why would other people want you to be on the server?:im friendly and doesnt hack and like to help people and do projects togheter.
  2. IGN:dravushd Name(Optional):oskar lindvall Age(no limit):14 Why do you want join?:i would like to play on a small server i hate open servers and i hate to be alone. Skype[Required!!!]:oskar.och.jakob.lindvall How does a city sound to you(AoTBTwise...)?:nice
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