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  1. Minecraft Name: stevenpeven258 Skype Name: stevenpeven258 Age: 21 Experience with Attack of the B Team! (1-10): 5 Favorite Mod: tinkers construct Do you plan to record?: I have been thinking about doing a B team series for a while, although I have not decided yet. What does Zaepora love?: ocelots What do you like to do in Minecraft?: survival Why do you want to be on our server?: I have been looking for a good survival server for a while now, although I have been met with minimal success. What else should we know about you?: I feel you should be aware that I have Aspergers syndrome (high functioning autism) so if i am a tad slow at understanding some things, I apologize in advance.
  2. Sounds like fun dude, Im willing to help you where i can, if you would like help. you can contact me on skype (stevenpeven258) if you want help
  3. IGN: stevenpeven258 Age: 21 Skype: stevenpeven258 Why would you like to join the server?: I would like to join the server because i have been looking to join a server for a while now, mainly because i am somewhat bored of singleplayer, and its difficult to find a good server that allows all mods to be used Why would other people want you to be on the server?: I am willing to help people when they are needing it, and i am normally fairly sociable.
  4. IGN: stevenpeven258 Skype name: stevenpeven258 Age: 21 Why do you want to join the server: I really enjoy the mod pack, and have been looking for a decent sever for a while, as well as one that doesn't ban many of the useful items in the mod pack. I also enjoy being able to play minecraft with other people, so an online server is great for me. What mods you think you'll focus on: I normally focus on tinkers construct stuff when I play attack of the b team, although i have recently been looking into other mods in the mod pack too, such as the witchery mod.
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