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  1. Ingame name: frostman2008 How long you have played mc/b-team: mc/ sents beta 1.7.6 and b-team sents I saw paulsJR videos How often you play mc/b-team:3 or 4 time a week Age:26
  2. 1.IGN: frostman2008 2.Skype Name: don't have one 3.Reason you would like to join my server.... i am looking for some people to play with 4.Age.... 26
  3. thats true. when i get a chance i will try to do that. my wife just had a baby and not had a chance i play on minecraft. if someone would like to help and start a map i would greatly appreciate it.
  4. I thought about that but what if it wasent the biomes that you wanted to play. Thats y I put in there to ge in to creative mode and get the backpack and napsack.
  5. That is a good idea about the clock but the reason iv given 5 day and the 5th night is so you can find the biom you want to play. And get all that you can get from the over world. The 10th night is more of a suggestion then a rule. thats why I put on there to make a clock.
  6. - Minecraft Name: frostman2008 - Age: 26 - Skype: none (screeming baby) - Why you want to join me: because i enjoy this mod pack - Youtube channel (I don't care how good your content is): not posted anything yet but would like to - How dedicated are you?: pretty dedicated. love to build and help others. - Why should you be picked?: because iv been playing minecraft cents beta 1.7.3
  7. The Attack of the Beast Challenge!!! This challenge will test your survival, your cave exploring and testing your knowledge of the mods in this mod pack. This is a caveman/herment challenge. Get underground till all the challenge list is done. You will have 5 days to gather all the supplies the you can get and then get underground by the 5th night before the sun rises the next day. You will cover any holes from the sunlight. Every 10th night can get out to get stuff that you forgot. But only for one night. To start! For Hard Mode Start in a survival mode and then switch to creative mode to get a knapsack and a backpack and then switch back to survival mode. For Hardcore mode Start with nothing and you only have 2 nights. The Challenge List VANILLA 1. Make a (working) tree farm. 2. Make a wheat farm. 3. Make reed farm. 4. Build a bed. 5. Make a melon farm. 6. Make a pumpkin farm. 7. Make a giant red and brown mushroom. 8. Build a clock. 9. Cook 10 fish. 10. Build A 3 story house (with windows). 11. Make a carrot and potato farm. 12. Craft 20 paintings. 13. Craft 10 snow golems. 14. Build a enchanting table (with bookshelves). MOD PACK 15. Build a village with villagers. 16. Have over 10 or more villagers. 17. Have 2 of each mob. 18. Become one of each mob. 19. Have 10 safari nets. 20. Make one of each gun and at least one clip for each gun. 21. Tinkers' Construct smeltery at least 4 blocks high. 22. Build a working mob grinder for each mob the has a spawner. Downloads list - http://snk.to/f-cdkloa8n Post pic and link videos and i will show them on here. Tell me what you think and commit on any suggestions you have on what i should add or change. Post on here if your thinking about trying it out.
  8. you can build a computer and buy the spawner eggs. hope this helps
  9. to see if the server is up https://us.stickypiston.co/index.php?r=status/1114.png
  10. this is a privet server that im paying for. iv been on it for about a month now and my friends dont have the time to get on so im looking for 3 or 4 players to join me and build somthing cool and play together. i will send SERVER IP to the people that reply, must be 18 or older, please dont lie about age, no greffing, the server is (1.0.9c) In-game Name: Age: Gender: M or F Home Location: Why do you want to play on this server:
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