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    Sports: (from most to least) Swimming, Bike-Cycling, Volleyball, Soccer, and lastly Football

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  1. Hey Gei, can you re-add me to the whitelist my old IGN use to be Zanzekk. My new one is Ace_of_Devotion. And if you can Jaybrute's new IGN name (Jwood2000) that would be great as well.
  2. Geistes, can you whitelist these two people for me? IGN: Sniper_Hauss89, roblox6447 Age: 20, 14 Location: US How long have you been playing Minecraft: Sniper: beta 1.7.3, roblox: 1.4.7 What keeps you playing Minecraft: Sniper: Its the most diverse game in the world, it gives you many opportunities when you add mods. roblox: Everytime there is a new update, it provides something new. Every mod has something different to offer. I hope you can add them to the server.
  3. Geistes, your server appears to be unreachable, would your mind trying to get it back up for me, and the rest of us loving players. EDIT: NVM! I realized I could have just used the OTHER IP you sent us!
  4. Yeah, they are my friends. They are all mature, hartale is 15, and Jared33177 is 13. I forgot to mention this.
  5. IGN) Zanzekk, hartale, Jared33177 Age: 16 Location: United States How long have you been playing Minecraft? Zanzekk (1.5.2 release, I am so new. ), Jared33177 (1.1.0 alpha), hartale (Survival Test) What keeps you playing Minecraft? Zanzekk (Building is life), Jared33177 (The fun, the joy, friendship, and most importantly redstone), hartale (Building things and redstone tech) If you don't mind, please add all three of us thanks!
  6. My IGN is: Zanzekk Call me Justin, I am 16, and I want to join this community to enjoy some TPPI, my main reason to come here is so me and my friends can play a modded server with me, as I tried to host a server on my computer, and it failed pretty badly when it came to multiple worlds, like the Twilight Forest. So hopefully after I join this community we can get together without any problems with lag!! I wish to get two of my other friends on the server. Their IGN's are: hartale, and Jared33177, they don't mind being called their IGN names. They both are best friends of mine
  7. Slum, I am willing to make them, just it will take some time for me to actually get use to making them! And also thanks for the PvP info.
  8. IGN: Zanzekk (call my Zan if you wish!) Age: 15, tomorrow I will be 16! Time zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time, or simply Eastern Time) About me: I am well rounded, I love quite a few sports, I love computer games, I also love to just chill! I NEVER cuss, I will always try to be optimistic at most times, and I will use great sentence structures with the occasional big words, despite my terrible spelling. Describe my Minecraft experience? I am very familiar with Vanilla, not great with many mods though, and I am terrible at Redstone gadgets and complex machines! Describe my experience with
  9. I changed my mind about being Whitelisted, Sorry Jimmy! You can delete this post if you need.
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