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  1. no it doesnt, the game continues to run. it doesn't crash or anything along those lines
  2. The world works just fine, i can log back in and everything works for another few minutes before it happens again
  3. Hey Everybody, this is my first time starting a thread on technic forums so forgive me if i do anything wrong. Alright, so a little over a month ago i started taking various mods on Curse and from the "Attack of the B-team" modpack and a few others to make a modpack of my own for personal use. It is privately published and have been doing very well making changes as i see fit and expanding to it. So for the problem, as of today i updated my pack once again, ran it through techniclauncher and proceeded to play it. All worked well and i was surprised with its stablility until about 20 minutes in everything bug out. My character was still able to move around, the game ran lag free, and i could break blocks. The problems were that mobs froze in their place. They did not recognize me walking by them or take any damage when i tried to left-click on them. The odd part was that their animation stayed intact? Bats still flapped their wings, and horses still wagged their tails, but nothing otherwise. Another problem i found was that although i could break blocks i recieved no dropped item from them. Can anybody tell me what is wrong so that i may be able to fix it? Below are the mods i have installed through technic (v1.6.4) CodeChickenLib-universal-1.6.4- [1.6.4]bspkrsCorev5.0 [1.6.4]CrystalWing.Forge.1.6.4.r04.Universal [1.6.4]TreeCapitator.Forge.1.6.4.r09.Universal [1.6.4+] ChickenShed (v1.1.2) [1.6.x] WildCaves v0.4.3.4 _1.6.4_FoodEx_1.6.2 1.6.4.BetterStorage_0.7.3.38 antiqueatlas-3.0.0-mc1.6.4 Aquaculture_1.2.4 ArmorSmelter_1.6.4_b1 autoutils-1.6.4-1.0.1 backpack-1.26.29-1.6.x Better Archery 1.6.3 for 1.6.4 (modpack) BetterSignsMod[v1.6.4.B] BloodParticles_10_164 Carpenter's Blocks v2.0.3 - MC 1.6+ ChickenChunks chisel-1.6.4-1.5.0fix CodeChickenCore CraftGuide- DynamicLights_1.6.4 ExtrabiomesXL-universal-1.6.4-3.15.7 Hats2.1.5 KeithyUtils_1.2 mc-roguelike-1.6.4-client-v1.2.6 Morph-Beta-0.7.1 OptiFine_1.6.4_HD_D1 roguelike-v1.2.9-forge-1.6.4 TConstruct_mc1.6.4_1.5.5.4 twilightforest-1.6.4-1.20.5 UndergroundBiomes 1.6.x - 0.4.2c VillageTaverns-2.1.6-2.14 WeaponMod yalsm-2.0.3 ZansMinimap1.6.4 As a side note, how do i know if the roguelike dungeons mod is working? i can't seem to find any spawns of them anywhere?
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