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  1. IGN: Attackfish007 reason I want to join: I want to have fun and collaborate with other people Age: 16 Favorite mod: Tinkers all the way, who doesn't want custom weapons? favorite thing to do: build or explore youtube: not as of now building ability: probably between 6 or 7. however on some builds I do an 8 time zone: CST Do I want to participate in UHC: no thanks. and thanks for making a server!
  2. 1. Minecraft name: Attackfish007 2. Skype name: theRandomRooster 3. Age: 16 4. experience with ATOTBT: probably high 6 or low 7 5. Favorite mod: either tinkers, biomes o'plenty, or chisel 6. do I plan to record: not as of now, but I will notify everyone on the server if my plans change 7. what does Zaepora love: ocelots 8. What do I like to do in minecraft: mining, building, and exploring 9. why do I want to be on this server: I have been looking for any whitelist ATOTBT servers, however so many servers I have been on either changed to the crackpack, or have many mods banned. I hope to
  3. hi, I know on the description you said 2-3, but I hope you consider taking in a few more than you planned because my friend and I would really like to play on your server this is my application Name: eric IGN: Attackfish007 Skype: theRandomRooster my friends app Name: Nick IGN:Snakeslayer541 I don't know his Skype but I will let you know if we are accepted What WE want to accomplish: we have been trying to get on a whitelisted server for sometime but people just stop checking on them by the time we apply, hopefully this time will be different, anyways, we would like to make t
  4. Hi my friend and i would like to join your server IGN: Attackfish007 and Snakeslayer541 Country: both live in US Skype: yes Youtube: we do not as of know but if the server is good i may start age: both 18 acceptance of server rules: no problem
  5. hi, me and my friend would like to join, our in game names are Attackfish007 and snakeslayer541 we are both 16, in case that is a concern
  6. Name: Eric IGN: Attackfish007 Age: just turned 16 skype: therandomrooster timezone: US central a little about me: for a few weeks, i have been looking for an attack of the b team server with a small community, and no world boundaries. I am a sophomore in high school. i am funny and easy to get along with. why i want to join: i have been looking for a server, not ran by ages under 10, and have not found one until now. i have been seeking a good whitelist server for some time, and i hope this is the server i have been looking for. how experienced with the mod pack: i would say i am a sol
  7. IGN: Attackfish007 Age 15 almost 16 Skype: therandomrooster why me: well, i am mature, i am easy to get along with, i play fun pranks (5 min clean up tops), i am pretty funny. i quite a bit of experience on this mod pack, i have much to learn, which i hope i can learn from this server, and in turn teach others what i know. i hope to make the server a better experience, please choose me!
  8. Skype:therandomrooster IGN:Attackfish007 i am 15 (16 at the end of may) i live in TX i am looking for an attack of the b team server that has a friendly, mature, and small community. i intend to have fun, and in turn help others have fun i may pull a few pranks (nothing major, 5 minutes to clean up tops) i hope you pick me, msg my skype or my account with the ip if i am whitelisted thanks!
  9. IGN: Attackfish007 Age: 16 Location: US, TX Why i want to join:i have played on other servers, but the nether has always already been mined of cobalt, quartz, and ardite, and they also had an end of the world, so there were a few biomes i could not find. how much experience i have: if you mean on this modpack, about 2 months, with many of these mods, then around 6 months mod i am best at: tinkers construct, but i am ok at thermal expansion, and advanced genetics. i am also not half bad at building. Skype: therandomrooster i hope you choose me, because i believe i could really help im
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