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  1. IGN: Attackfish007 reason I want to join: I want to have fun and collaborate with other people Age: 16 Favorite mod: Tinkers all the way, who doesn't want custom weapons? favorite thing to do: build or explore youtube: not as of now building ability: probably between 6 or 7. however on some builds I do an 8 time zone: CST Do I want to participate in UHC: no thanks. and thanks for making a server!
  2. 1. Minecraft name: Attackfish007 2. Skype name: theRandomRooster 3. Age: 16 4. experience with ATOTBT: probably high 6 or low 7 5. Favorite mod: either tinkers, biomes o'plenty, or chisel 6. do I plan to record: not as of now, but I will notify everyone on the server if my plans change 7. what does Zaepora love: ocelots 8. What do I like to do in minecraft: mining, building, and exploring 9. why do I want to be on this server: I have been looking for any whitelist ATOTBT servers, however so many servers I have been on either changed to the crackpack, or have many mods banned. I hope to find, on this server a good community and lots of fun. 10. what should you know about me: My time zone is CST. I am very easy to work with. I am a decent builder. I respect others. I sometimes do little pranks, but nothing serious. I would probably be on about 1 hour a day, if not more. I would love to be on your server and I hope you whitelist me. Thanks!
  3. hi, I know on the description you said 2-3, but I hope you consider taking in a few more than you planned because my friend and I would really like to play on your server this is my application Name: eric IGN: Attackfish007 Skype: theRandomRooster my friends app Name: Nick IGN:Snakeslayer541 I don't know his Skype but I will let you know if we are accepted What WE want to accomplish: we have been trying to get on a whitelisted server for sometime but people just stop checking on them by the time we apply, hopefully this time will be different, anyways, we would like to make the server spawn look awesome with shops and statues and stuff like that and basically have this server for fun over the summer (We live in the south so no one really goes out around noon to 4 And we are both 16 Thank you
  4. Hi my friend and i would like to join your server IGN: Attackfish007 and Snakeslayer541 Country: both live in US Skype: yes Youtube: we do not as of know but if the server is good i may start age: both 18 acceptance of server rules: no problem
  5. hi, me and my friend would like to join, our in game names are Attackfish007 and snakeslayer541 we are both 16, in case that is a concern
  6. Name: Eric IGN: Attackfish007 Age: just turned 16 skype: therandomrooster timezone: US central a little about me: for a few weeks, i have been looking for an attack of the b team server with a small community, and no world boundaries. I am a sophomore in high school. i am funny and easy to get along with. why i want to join: i have been looking for a server, not ran by ages under 10, and have not found one until now. i have been seeking a good whitelist server for some time, and i hope this is the server i have been looking for. how experienced with the mod pack: i would say i am a solid 6, because many of the mods i would like to get into, such as fossils and witchery, i have not gotten into yet. kangaroos or donkeys: while a hard choice, donkeys are superb!
  7. IGN: Attackfish007 Age 15 almost 16 Skype: therandomrooster why me: well, i am mature, i am easy to get along with, i play fun pranks (5 min clean up tops), i am pretty funny. i quite a bit of experience on this mod pack, i have much to learn, which i hope i can learn from this server, and in turn teach others what i know. i hope to make the server a better experience, please choose me!
  8. Skype:therandomrooster IGN:Attackfish007 i am 15 (16 at the end of may) i live in TX i am looking for an attack of the b team server that has a friendly, mature, and small community. i intend to have fun, and in turn help others have fun i may pull a few pranks (nothing major, 5 minutes to clean up tops) i hope you pick me, msg my skype or my account with the ip if i am whitelisted thanks!
  9. IGN: Attackfish007 Age: 16 Location: US, TX Why i want to join:i have played on other servers, but the nether has always already been mined of cobalt, quartz, and ardite, and they also had an end of the world, so there were a few biomes i could not find. how much experience i have: if you mean on this modpack, about 2 months, with many of these mods, then around 6 months mod i am best at: tinkers construct, but i am ok at thermal expansion, and advanced genetics. i am also not half bad at building. Skype: therandomrooster i hope you choose me, because i believe i could really help improve the server.
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