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  1. Hobble shnobble gobble. Go back to Germany
  2. - What is my IGN: Jofootballo - Name one rule of the server: No one by one towers and keep structures and buildings realistic - Why do you want to join the server: I want a good multiplayer experience with this great modpack - What do you expect from the server: A mindcrack-like server, just with mods and a ton more fun! -Thanks
  3. IGN: Jofootballo Age: 19 Location: Southern California Experience: I've made it quite far on my singleplayer world, looking for a fun server so I can play with others . I have watched some youtubers play as well Play Time: I could probably play everyday and if not, every-other day
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minecraft Username: Jofootballo Age: 15 Are you a YouTuber? I am not If yes, how many subs? Are you willing to donate? I would be if I find that this server is exactly what i am looking for, which it seems like it is How much experience do you have with this mod pack? Been playing since it was released to the public and I know just about everything about every mod except maybe MFR or Witchery What type of player are you? (Builder, Redstoner, Explorer) Definitley a builder at heart <3 Dolphins or Dinosaurs? DOLPHINS FO EVA!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. 1. IGN: Jofootballo 2. Age: 15 3. Maturity Level (1-10): 7 4. Experience with AOTBT: I have played much in singleplayer, since the modpack came out actually and I would love to play on a whitelisted server like Bdouble0's 5. Skype Name:In the process of getting a headset so, no skype (YET) 6. Personality:I am a funny creative guy and a great sport for pranks (At least my mom thinks so ) 7. Good at Building?:Yes'm 8. Why should you be accepted?: Because I feel like I could be a great addition to this server and, frankly, just want to have fun! I, Josh , have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor and courage and loyalty and respect and some other stuff, oh and pride too.
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