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  1. IGN: Toxicstein Age (Be truthful!) Currently 17, turning 18 in a couple of months. What makes you want to join this server? I love Modded Minecraft, and almost all of the Attack of the B-Team servers I have joined in the past were riddled with kids and corrupt admins/owners. There have been some exceptions, but they have shut down by now. What could you bring to the server? I always try to be as helpful and friendly as possible in the game, I love to build community projects, and I also know a fair bit about most of the mods in the pack at the moment, if anyone needed help with them. Skype - adamohanlon How active will you be on the server? I will be very active for the next 2 weeks or so, after that school starts up again, and with study, etc I'm not sure how active I will be on weekdays, but on weekends I will try to be as active as I can.
  2. Age: Currently 17, but I wouldn't consider myself an immature teen. I'm not quite sure what else to say, but I can take a joke, and am always looking for some sort of community project, as getting to know and build with the community is my favourite part of small servers like this one. Experience: I'm fairly familiar with a lot of the mods, but there's bits and pieces of some mods that I have no clue what to do with, and I haven't looked into a couple of mods in the AOTBT mods like QCraft. That said, it's nothing a quick look at a wiki can't help. Been playing Vanilla Minecraft since around Beta 1.3, if that matters. How often you'll be playing: Quite a bit, I'm on my summer vacation and I've been hoping to find a nice modded community to binge Minecraft on. Where you are from: Ireland. Skype: adamohanlon and last but not least, IGN: Toxicstein Thanks!
  3. AGE: 17 IGN: Toxicstein MATURITY LEVEL: I'm mature when needed to be, but I can take a joke. SKYPE: adamohanlon WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN: I've been searching for a small, whitelisted AOTBT with a mature and well-knit community since the last one I played on shut down, hopefully I can come on and this can be the one. Thanks.
  4. IGN: Toxicstein Age: 17 Previous Bans: According to Fishbans I have one ban, but please do not let this change your opinion of me. This occured when Minecraft was in early beta, and I was a bit clueless. Since this has happened, I have ran 2 successful servers with a friend and a small modded server for my friends, I have also moderated many servers and I always strive to help. What will you contribute?: One of my favourite things about playing on servers is chatting with the community and helping out whenever possible, with community projects and all that jazz. I also have a bit of photoshop experience if you need a hand with that banner (albeit I'm quite new). Interests: All sorts of video games, particularly RPGs and Sandbox games, and I've tried a lot of different kinds of art, but my favourites are watercolour and digital painting. About Me: I always struggle with this section, I'm a pretty average guy. I've ran two semi-vanilla servers that I thought were pretty successful because all the players got along and it was a fairly tight-knit community, which was something I wanted from the start. I've been playing Minecraft since around Beta 1.3, and I've kept coming back to it over the 3 years I've been playing it. Thanks for taking a look at this, hope I can hop on and play with you guys!
  5. IGN: Toxicstein Age: Currently 17 What makes you want to join this server? I've been searching for a server with a mature, and friendly communtiy. So far, all the servers I have played on have communities which do not talk to eachother at all, which is something I really dislike in a server. What could you bring to the server? I always try to be as helpful and friendly to people old and new on the server, and I'm familiar with most of the mods in the pack. I love building community projects too, if you guys are planning to do some I would love to lend a hand! Thanks, hope I can come on and play with you guys.
  6. IGN: Toxicstein Skype: adamohanlon Mic(Yes Or No): Yep. Why you want to join?: I've been searching for a new, mature AOTBT server since the last one I played on changed modpacks. This looks like the server I'm searching for, and hopefully I can be able to hop on and play with you guys.
  7. IGN: Toxicstein Age: Currently 17. Timezone: GMT, (Ireland) Skype: adamohanlon Intentions for your existence on the server: For the most part, I would like to start playing modded Minecraft again with some friendly, mature guys. If I eventually decide to get better Internet, I would like to stream some Minecraft and CS:GO in the future. Favorite Mods: My favourite mods would definitely be the aesthetic ones, like the Chisel Mod and Carpenter's Blocks. I'm also a fan of Tinker's Construct and Tropicraft. Past Experience: With AOTBT as a modpack, not that much. But I'm familiar with most of the mods in the pack from past modpacks that I've tinkered around with, I don't really know much about qCraft, but that's nothing a Wiki can't fix. Anything else we should know about you: Nothing else, really! Any extra companions: None of my friends are interested in modded Minecraft as of now, so nope! Did someone recommend you?: No. Level of maturity (Opinion): I would say fairly mature, but not so much that I can't take a joke or have a little fun. I've played Minecraft for about 4 years now, and ran a couple of servers, so I would say that I know what you should and shouldn't do in a Minecraft community! Thank you!
  8. Ign: Toxicstein Age: 17 Location: Ireland Why Would You Like To Join: I've been searching for an active, yet small Attack of the B-Team server for quite a while, and would like to play with friendly, mature people. How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT: I have quite a bit of modded Minecraft experience, so I know most of the mods in AOTBT quite well, apart from a few that I haven't tinkered with, e.g. qCraft What Mod Are You Best At: I'd say either Tinker's Construct or Advanced Genetics. Skype: adamohanlon
  9. Minecraft Name: Toxicstein Skype Name: adamohanlon Age: 17 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 7.5, I have yet to conquer some mods in the pack. Favorite Mod: Carpenter's Blocks, it makes builds so much prettier! Do you plan to record? Recording, probably not. Streaming, possibly (if given your permission, of course!) What do you like to do in Minecraft? My favourite thing to do in Minecraft would definately be to build. Why do you want to be in this server? I have been searching for a whitelisted Attack of the B-Team server for quite a while, as I have found SSP to be quite boring. I'm looking for a server with mature, friendly people and this seems to be a great place to go! What else should we know about you? I may not be active for the next week or so (about an hour per day), but after that I'm free to sit around and play Minecraft to my heart's content! I also love community projects, and try to be helpful and friendly as much as I can. Thanks!
  10. -snip- Saw the above post by Kalbintion after I posted my application.
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