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  1. ING:Spacebuilder2020 AGE:22 WHY YOU :I like voltz a lot, and would love to play it on a small server.
  2. I am starting a new server that is running an experimental mod pack of my own design. Co-owners are I_is_r_smart and LordWolfLone. Currently we are in a greylisted phase but we plan to move to a full public phase sometime in the feature. Rules: 1. Act mature, no whining 2. NO griefing spawn, any one that breaks this rule gets instant perma ban 3. NO complaining about lag. We are in alpha so expect a lot of bugs and changes. 4. Antimatter, Red matter, and Contagious explosives, are banned. Anyone caught using them will b
  3. I agree, with industrial craft, the battery is not really needed. The big problem is not all mods seem to register their items correctly, resulting in conflicts that in some rare cases cause server crashes. The only way to find these conflicts is to check the log and search for conflict tags.
  4. I would love to join your server from time to time. My ign is also spacebuilder2020. I think you have a good selection of mods. However, i noticed 2 potential item id conflicts when checking the server log. [iNFO] [sTDOUT] CONFLICT @ 3561 item slot already occupied by [email protected] while adding [email protected] [iNFO] [fml.ItemTracker] The mod Highlands is overwriting existing item at 3817 (hl_woodSlabDouble from Highlands) with highlands.block.ItemBlockMetadata and [sTDOUT] CONFLICT @ 13970 item slot already occupied
  5. I mean the tab in the technic launcher website, for example, this pack has the mod list tab filled out. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/tekkify.2607
  6. I am working on a modpack for a custom server and I noticed that some modpacks have a mod list tab that lists all the mods and their authors. Does anyone know how to get this list in the description. I would like to be able to give the mod creator's credit for their mods.
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