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  1. Ingame name: jaxn7799 How long you have played mc/b-team: mc = 2 years / bteam = a couple months How often you play mc/b-team: I play mc every day and ill play bteam every day if i get whitelisted Country: US Age: 12 Other information: Im good at Tinkers' and Thermal Expansion
  2. shadow why are you reposting the app? also you used creative energy cells in your witch farm and i didnt want to play on a server where people cheat
  3. IGN:jaxn7799 Age:12 Why you want to join: the last server i played on got shut down and i'm hoping to find a new server to play on Do you have skype: no i do not but i will make if necessary you can private message me the IP Thanks for reading
  4. i want to join dawg im jaxn7799 even though everyone has heard of my beautiful name becuase thugs get heard
  5. IGN:jaxn7799 Skype: dont have but will make if necessary Joining Reason: I just want to play on a whitelisted server Comments: I'm very good with most mods mainly Tinkers' Construct
  6. IGN: jaxn7799 Location: USA Age: 11 Why i want to join: I really just want to play on a nice small server How experienced: i know all of the mods well Best mod: Tinkers' Construct Also if you can whitelist my friend Mightycreepy that would be great
  7. IGN: jaxn7799 Age:11 yet very mature Experience playing AotBT: i haven't been playing it for too long but i have played almost all of the mods and know them well Do i acknowledge that cheating and stealing will get me removed from the server?: yes I do i never grief Do i have skype: no but i can make if necessary Will i listen to any sort of rules that will be applied to the server if need be?: Yes I will Timezone: EST Thanks for taking my application into consideration Astarte <3
  8. First Name: i will tell on the server if needed because privacy reasons IGN; jaxn7799 Timezone: EST When I can play: 2+ hours a day Minecraft Purchase Date: i had xbox when it first came out and i got PC in 1.3 Any bans: i have never been banned Why I want to join: i really just want to play on a small server with nice people and help out Comments:Most public server have banned items or are just not friendly so i like to play on a whitelisted server if I can
  9. Jedaii if i rewrite it correctly can i be accepted? i know you said only 2 people but i did apply first so i hope i will be accepted i also would prefer to go solo so that wouldnt be a problem Please accept this you will not regret it
  10. IGN: jaxn7799 Why should you be accepted: Im very friendly, funny, and i can certainly help out the community What mod do you plan to focus on: Mainly Tinkers' Construct but i will be using other most a lot also (Im a pro when it comes to Tinkers) What do you like to do in AotBT:I like to use technical mods and i like to tinker I'm also a good builder I hope you accept me and thank you for your time
  11. Age: 11 IGN: jaxn7799 Timezone: EST About you: Im very friendy good with mods and like to help out the community Describe your minecraft experience: i have played minecraft for a while and i can help out with any problems anyone has because i have a great understanding of the game Have I ever been banned: No Why pick this server: It looks nice and I like to play on multiple server and most public ones are very bad How long will I be on minecraft: 2+ hours a day
  12. My ingame name is jaxn7799 i have never been banned on servers and im on another bteam whitelisted server i will play daily i bought minecraft xbox in its beta and minecraft pc in 1.3 i have a great understanding of the mods in AotBT and would like to join your server my specialty is tinkers construct i would like to join because the whitelisted server i play on is down for some reason im still not sure of yet and either way i like to have multiple worlds where i can go on say hi and not care about griefing or anything i hope i get in thank you for your time
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