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  1. If anyone knows a fix for particle accelerators causing corrupt chunks, let me know via PM.

  2. The only problem would be in a server/circumstance where the Interdiction Matrix is banned(the server I play on). The current flaw in my design is mobility - power armor is much more flexible in that you can soar and take quantum leaps, giving you time to regenerate health whilst the Obsidian-Armored tank player can barely catch up.
  3. Currently, Particle Accelerators cause chunk errors and the following this the server often crashes. We are running Voltz 2.0.4 - hopefully someone has a possible fix to this problem? I'd like the players to be able to have something solid and advanced to work towards.
  4. I find an extremely effective method of tanking anyone in power armor is as follows: All enchanted obsidian except for the boots, which are maxed out Power Boots w/ jets for flight. This is an extremely good setup for PvP, however it is terrible for mobility. If you have no charged items on you, you can also use an EMP tower or explosive to decharge their armor so that you can easily defeat them.
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm an Admin(not Owner) of a Voltz server. Currently, Particle Accelerators are banned due to the fact that they cause corrupted chunks and end up crashing the server. I was wondering if anyone had a possibly plugin and/or solution to this problem. I'd like to see them unbanned so that the players have something complex to work towards. Thank you!
  6. - Position you're applying for? I am applying for the Administrator or Co-Owner position. - How long have you played minecraft? B-team? I have played Minecraft for approximately two years, and Attack of The B-Team for about four months(since a few days after it first came out). - Age? 17 Years old. - Have you been staff before? Yes, I have ran my own servers as well as been a staff member or Director/Head of Public Relations for servers such as The Paradox Network and the Kingston Gaming Community. If you would like a full list of all of my positions/experiences, please feel free to contact me via PM. - How often will you come online? I can be online my laptop in general for about four to five hours a day on and off, and will be able to dedicate half or more of that time when needed to the server. - Any other skills? I consider myself to be extremely cool-headed, with good judgement abilities. I LOVE working with communities, and especially new servers. As a plus, before I retired from owning The Paradox Network AoTB I used mcprohosting to run and manage it, so I am experienced in their GUI and setup. - Why do you deserve the position? I believe I deserve this position because of my countless experience in both Vanilla and Modded Minecraft, as well as my ability to perform my job and any tasks set before me well with my knowledge of commands and the type of server in which we will be playing. My aptitude for picking up new things is also quite good, so if needed I can adapt to new or different plugins with ease. I am knowledgeable in setting up a Permissions system and dabble in coding(Do not ask for plugins as I will most likely break something....xD ). Overall, I believe my personality, past experiences, and quick wits make me an optimal choice for the position I am applying for. - Anything else? I, for once, have my sister to thank for bothering me all of these years. Because of it, I have become extremely tolerant. I am willing to Skype if required with yourself or other staff members for periodic meeting calls to discuss issues, etc. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I prefer that you would as you will most likely get to know me better than this application can explain. My Skype is: zenophias . Ensure to, in the request, point out that it relates to said application so I know you aren't some random person. Thank you!
  7. I currently play on a small to medium scale Voltz server, and am looking for more recruits to possibly join my faction. We are looking for 3 people to join the faction. I personally live in the EST, but as long as you are productive time zones can be worked around. The time being on would preferably be anywhere from 2-4 hours a day. The server has GalacticCraft disabled due to bugs. If you are interested, please PM me as to why you'd think you would be a good applicant. The reasoning behind this is, of course, assisting in the selection of the best and most trusting players possible for the faction. Skype is preferred, but also optional.
  8. I have thus far thoroughly enjoyed my experience on MegaVoltz. The server community is amazing and friendly for the most part, and merely being online is enjoyable. They have a great voting reward system, so it's easy to get started. I hope you enjoy this server as much as I do!
  9. I found you, Stamper! Haha. Now, before you make a stalker of me... Don't we have an application section on the site for this? Besides that, just um, Herro xD