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  1. I tried checking the id's with him, but some were missing and he couldn't find them.
  2. found one called MineBack it's small in size and automatically saves my world every five minutes so if I want my back up I choose the latest <3
  3. I have no Back-ups =/ guess I'll have to start all over. But if you know any programs that somewhat automatically backups my worlds I'd be thankful
  4. I used my back up configs, and the crash was solved, but my world doesn't load but one big block from where I'm standing. I can walk and break blocks but I don't get the blocks I break. A day after I found OpenEye sending a crash report to its website. I looked at the crash and found something that related to the Minecraft world. So I thought that this would help solving the probelm: http://openeye.openmods.info/crashes/3211ce9594a69a50dfa6506ecc3f3c88
  5. Yep, I installed my backup configs to it. Thank You
  6. I've sent it to you as a message, as it's a private mod pack.
  7. Hello, I just finished making a mod pack that me and my friends will be playing on, but there seems to be a server crash. I am pretty sure the problem is because of that there are client-only mods in there, but i need help to highlight them and get them removed. Crash:
  8. do you know how to install optifine because I can't even open single player on the modpack D: Crash Report:
  9. nevermind, I just realized it was the better animations mod, still thanks again
  10. could you please tell me what they are so I could remove them?
  11. yes that solved the client problem problem, but I can't open the modpack on the server Crash Report:
  12. Hello, I was just testing the new mods so I'd be sure if everything's ok to put into the .zip and pop it up on drop box. But turned out there was a crash ...Please Help Crash: Thanks for taking your time reading this and I hope the problem gets solved ASAP
  13. Oh, Thank you very much it works now. You've helped us alot since the beginning of the pack. Thanks again and goodbye
  14. The mod pack works perfectly here, even my friend IanAsh tested it on singleplayer, and it worked for both of us But we both get the same error when joining the server (I took the config files and the mods from the technic mod pack folder)
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